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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Miss Blogs4Bauer Contest - Round 1

Hi, I am William Shatner and I apologize for having that little bastard Sanjaya host last week's match up. See what happens when you let a douche bag like Ryan Seacrest take control? Well the Shat is back, again!

This week we have an exciting match up between two stars of Season 5. One is an assistant who put her family in harms way, got shot, ratted out the president, deceived the Secret Service, and might be dead. The other showed off her cleavage and ended up stabbing the president in the shoulder. Yes it is Evelyn Martin and Martha Logan going at it this week. Will the pill popping ex-first lady or her assistant advance to the next round?

Last week's contest was a snooze-fest. Marilyn Bauer easily rolled over Jenny McGill (87%-13%).

Click Here for an updated bracket.

The next match up will be posted next Monday (4/9) will be our final Round 1 contest with Debbie "I heart Behrooz" Pendleton pitted against Agent Michelle Dessler .

Here is this week's tale of the tape:

Name: Evelyn Martin
Status: Dead?
Occupation: Martha Logan's assistant/Demerol Mojito maker
Strengths: Ability to cut kiwis without ending up charged for Murder one.
Weaknesses: Amy Martin
Curious detail: During Season 5, Evelyn informed Jack that Charles Logan was behind the nerve gas.

Name: Martha Logan
Status: Insane
Occupation: Basket weaver at Shady Oaks
Strengths: Agent Pierce's warm embrace
Weaknesses: Kiwis, Charles Logan, knives
Curious Detail: Martha is the only First Lady on the show 24. Also, her character was loosely based on Hillary Clinton, where she would use her husband to get so far...then stab him in the back when an opportune time came about.

Who should move on?

Evelyn Martin

Martha Logan

Click Here for results


BUMBLE!!! said...

How can a majority of people be attracted to neurotic crazy women?

Oh wait... someone has to date gals who buy the complete series of Sex and the City!!

Trench Reynolds said...

This is like asking if I want to be shot in the head or the sac.

yankz said...

This one's a horse race so far. I can't fathom why people would vote for a woman who had Charles Logan inside her. (Dammit, that was graphic. Oops.)

BostonMaggie said...

You've got to be kidding! How is Martha Logan not running away with this? She gave us the best scream of the season so far. When she stabbed ex-prez Logan, my sister and I literally **screamed**! I can't believe her neighbors didn't call the police. Of all the exciting moments this season, all the twists, that was the best. And I absolutely loved her throwing the kiwi in his face just before that. Martha is the woman!

Evelyn Martin is just forgettable. I had to read the description to refresh my memory.

As far as having Charles Logan inside about taking one for the team! Who has sacrificed more for her country?

Martha! Martha! Martha!

steveegg said...

This isn't a Miss Psycho contest (well, except for Nina's presence, but she has much more than just that).

Anonymous said...

Something just occurred to me:

Why the #@$@@ isn't Chloe in the bracket?

Bob Engler said...

Krazy Lady with a Knife.

'nuf said.

yankz said...

Wow, 146 apiece.

Are you guys going to finish this before the end of the season?