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Monday, April 16, 2007

Blogs4Bauer Kill Counter Challenge - Week 14

Welcome back to The Blogs4Bauer Kill Counter Challenge! Each week B4B will host a contest to see who can guess Jack Bauer's point total. The winner will be given much praise and be allowed to live another day.

Last week Jack decided to take things into his own hands. In a matter of seconds, Jack saved the world (again) by finding the nukes and killing off all the terrorists he could find.

There's one problem. Jack finished off this day with 7 hours left on the 24 hour timer. What will Jack do to fill the time?

Take a look at the Guidelines and Point System and post your point total in the comments section for Hour 11. The winner will be posted next Monday.

Week 1 (Hours 1-4): 4 Points
Winner: Rhymes With Right (4 points)
Week 2 (Hour 5): 0 Points
Winner: Justin (0 points)
Yeah, him. (0 points)
Week 3 (Hour 6): 0 Points
Winner: None
Week 4 (Hour 7): 2 Points
Winner: None
Week 5 (Hours 8-9): 4 Points
Winner: None
Week 6 (Hour 10): 4 Points
Winner: Yeah, him. (4 points)
glockspeak (4 points)
nicky (4 points)
Week 7 (Hour 11): 0 Points
Winner: The Man (0 Points)
Justin (0 Points)
Week 8 (Hour 12): 0 Points
Winner: Dan (0 Points)
pickett (0 Points)
Yeah Him (0 Points)
Week 9 (Hour 13): 5 Points
Winner: glockspeak (5 Points)
Week 10 (Hour 14): 4 Points*
Winner: Al (4 Points)

Week 10 (Hour 14): 9 Points
Winner: None - Sorry Al
Week 11 (Hour 15): 1 Point
Winner: glockspeak (1 Point)
Week 12 (Hour 16): 5 Points
Winner: steveggg (5 Point)
Week 13 (Hour 17): 21 Points
Winner: None

Season 6 Kills so far:
1. Bite to the neck (4 points)
2. Explosive kick (1 point)
3. Killing Curtis (-1 point)
4. Shooting while handcuffed (1 point, +1 Dammit bonus)
5. Shooting 2 dudes with a shotgun (2 points, +2 combo)
6. Saved Milo's ass by capping 2 dudes (2 points, +2 combo)
7. Shot Russian dude after beating him with a belt (1 Point)
8. Shot 2 Russian dudes
(2 points, +2 combo)
9. Shot 2 more dudes (2 points, +2 combo)
10. Shot one more dude that died in the next hour (1 point, +4 combo)
11. Shot a henchman (1 point)
12. Shot 2 dudes and said something cool (2 Points, +2 combo, +1 Cool bonus)
13. Snapped a neck (2 Points)
14. Shot 4 dudes in quick succession (4 Points, +12 combo)
15. Got Fayed to hang out (2 Points, +1 Cool bonus)


al said...

Quiet(er) week - 4

Anonymous said...

Easy - 0.

Can we stop watching now? The season is obviously over. We're now in the "Oh shit, we need another 7 hours of content" part of the show.

"Hey, what if Audrey's not dead, and Jack goes back to China to save her?"

This would be so much better if they replaced Audrey with Michelle (who you should obviously vote for in the Miss B4B contest, you morons. Chloe is about as attractive as a splintered 2x4)

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Dan. Even though Tyler is not liveblogging, the show will net out as a transition episode.

ZERO points.

Anonymous said...

definitely a transition episode, but i'm going to go with 1 point

yankz said...

Would be 1, but I hate copying, so 2.

Anonymous said...

I'll say 3 points this week.

Marc said...

I'm going with 4.

Anonymous said...

A big ZERO.

Anonymous said...

Eh, 0 points as well....

RandomDan said...

My guess: 0. We had way too much carnage last week.

RFTR said...

I'm going big--I'm saying 12 points.

bRight & Early said...



Until I get it right.

Anonymous said...

O'Doyle Rules!

Anonymous said...

If Jack and Ricky did those "I'm a Mac, I'm a PC" commercial, who would be which?

yankz said...

Ricky would be a Mac since he's useless.