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Friday, April 07, 2006

Caption Contest

Can You Caption Me Know? Caption Contest
1) Caption or photoshop this
2) Email photoshop entries to Jack Bauer

Photoshop Entries
-Inn of the Last Home
- Nick
"No Chloe I said The Satellite, not Camera 4."


Anonymous said...

Damn it Chloe, I need the infrared satellite image uploaded on my PDA, not a naked picture of Edgar!

Anonymous said...

audrey i need you to do me a favor with no questions asked, okay? i need some naked pictures of collette.

Anonymous said...

This is Agent Bauer. I have secured Cynthia McKinney's cellphone.

Anonymous said...

You mean the President blew Tony and Michelle's cover? Unthinkable.

Barry Wallace said...

Hello, Palm Tech Support? Yes, I'll hold..

Justin said...

Chloe, this thing just told me that it's performed an illegal opeartion. Are cops gonna show up and blow my cover?

bigfoot780 said...

Dammit Chloe I want the blueprints your diary

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna stay on the line with you while I press this little button on my PDA and listen to you DIE!!!

Waldo J. Cartridge said...

Dammit Chloe, what the hell is wrong with you, I specifically said Sprint plan, picture phone, T-Mobile, the whole nine yards! Don't you even watch the damn commercials on my show? Our show? If I can't take a picture of Edagr kissing you, how can I prove it? I am SO shooting you above the kneecap!