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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

CTU: Meet Your New Homeland Security Management Team

Item: Deputy Homeland Security Press Secretary Nabbed in Underage Internet Sex Sting.

So, who were those suits from the Department of Homeland Security who are now taking over CTU. Shall we meet the new HLS Crew? Oh, yes, we shall.

Special HLS Agent Gary Glitter "Agent Bauer, please bring Evelyn's daughter back to CTU for immediate... um... interrogation. Yeah, that's the ticket."

Special Agent Debra LaFave: "Chloe, could you show me how to use this system to access the internet. Oh, by the way, do you record people's chats? You do? Oh, then,never mind."

Special Agent Michael Jefferson: "Chloe, I need to track down a potential terrorist contact. His name is ... um... Billy Tyler. I'll need to know everything. Name, address, likes, dislikes... when are his parents home?"

Special Agent Mary LeTourneau: "Anybody know if Behrooz is seeing anybody? He is? What about Hairboy?"


Anonymous said...

Special Agent Debra LaFave...I wonder if they are hiring.

The Voice of Reason said...

Please be aware I am posting this comment one month in the future, so I already know what happens. Chloe will soon be the director at CTU. The new HLS Crew you have introduced to run the operation is only 15 minutes out and the bomb's timer shows 14:30. That should tell you something right there. Michael will be late because his sister Latoya stole his key card. But don't fear the plan has a good chance coming together.

Justin said...

Chloe will soon be the director at CTU.

I don't believe it, but I have to admit that seeing her in charge would make the season...

tuffbeingright said...

Special Agent MJ would definitely be in charge of interrogation. He would show up wearing satin Winnie the Pooh pajamas. Instead of a briefcase filled with syringes, it would have a couple bottles of Jesus-Juice and several DVD's - also a coffee table book of "art" from some foreign country - like Berkley.