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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Logan Earns Spots on Kill Counter

President Logan Earns Two Spots on B4B Kill Counter
Odds are you probably already despised President Weasel prior to the last episode. But the writers of 24 are going a little overboard in making Logan the most corrupt and inept president since MacKenzie Allen.

Jack Bauer is scared, Curtis has been replaced by Wayne Palmer (call them Bacardi and Diet Coke), and Evelyn's daughter is the new mole. 24 is just heating up.

The Jack Bauer Kill Counter has been updated and sits at 141 after 7 people were iced during the hours of 10pm and 11pm. It looks like President Weasel turns on Jack Bauer (again) next week. Just to be safe, I have reserved two slots on the Jack Bauer Kill Counter for President Logan. The way I see it, Jack Bauer is going to kill him, bring him back to life, and then kill him again - just for fun.

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Dionne said...

Hey, where's V the K's tivo blogging? I look forward to that each week.