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Monday, April 03, 2006

Tonight's Final Four Match up

Tonight's Final Four Match up
Florida -v- UCLA - 9:21pm
Jack Bauer -v- Terrorists - 9:00pm

The following press conference took place between the hours of 1pm and 2pm:
UCLA Coach - Ben Howland
Florida Coach - Billy Donovan
CTU Agent - Jack Bauer

Reporter: Coach Howland, injuries have taken a toll on your team. Tell us about the difficulties of leading a team with so many hurt players.

Howland: One example is Josh Shipp, he had hip surgery. We were trying to get him to come back. He actually made an attempt and played in four games. There was just too much pain, discomfort, swelling, to continue on the season.

Reporter: Mr. Bauer, CTU has had a tough season and we hear that your only African-American at CTU was knocked out earlier this season. Please Explain.

Jack Bauer: Yes, I knocked out Curtis with a sleeper hold. He was trying to detain me and I had to escape, but that was like six hours ago. He's ok now. As for the other injuries, we had 56 people die a few hours ago, including Edgar Stiles. He was our big boy in the paint and will be missed. We have someone new, but those are some big shoes to fill.

Reporter: Louder
Jack Bauer: BIG BOY!

Reporter: Coach Donovan this question is for you. Tell us about going up against George Mason and what beating them meant to you and your team.

Donovan: "What they've been able to do this year is great for basketball; most teams don't get a chance to experience what they've been able to experience. In this tournament, they were able to inspire a lot of people. There was no resentment on our team for feeling like they got all the attention or we got slighted."

Reporter: Mr. Bauer, you also faced George Mason. What did you take from that meeting?

Jack Bauer: After George Mason developed radiation poisoning, I was sure that he would not be able to contribute to CTU anymore. However, when I was chosen by President Palmer to pilot a plane loaded with a nuke out to the Mojave Desert in order to save Los Angeles, George Mason boarded the plane and took the controls from me, allowing me to parachute to safety while he was killed in the nuclear blast. Sure, I was a little upset that Mason got all the credit, but we are part of a team and there's no "I" in Jack Bauer.

Reporter: What defensive strategy are you planning to run tonight?

Donovan: A 4-3 zone defense with some man-to-man.

Howland: We like the zone.

Bauer: The Flank 2 has worked for us this season.

Make sure to watch 24 tonight on Fox, but also check in here for live-blogging and an exclusive post-show TIVO recap.


sonicfrog said...

Have we done a "Jack Bauer Look-Alike" contest yet??? If not, I submit myself as a contestant, though, in this case, it is just a trick of light and camera angle.

Teacher Tori said...

i dont know how you guys come up with this stuff but I shouldn't look at it while I'm teaching b/c I bust out laughing and my high school students keep buggin me "what are you looking at?...what's so funny?"

RFTR said...

Tori, what you should be doing when that happens is showing them.

Then advising them to tell their parents about the great site they found. We want people to SHARE Blogs4Bauer, not hoard it!!

Anonymous said...

sonicfrog, you look nothing like Jack. Jack should kill you for even suggesting it.