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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Just Another Mole

Another Hour Another Mole

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Evelyn’s daughter was a mole. Yes, even a 9-year old can be a mole in Jack Bauer's world. Think about it, she used her position as a daughter of the Hot Assistant to the First Lady in order to get Biff Henderson the information he needed. When that plan fell apart (thanks to Bacardi and Diet Cola), she led Henderson right to her mother. Evelyn then spilled her guts, giving up Jack Bauer's location. She's a mole if I ever saw one.

Last night, Blogspot sucked and the Jack Bauer Kill Counter increased by 10.

In other news, the media is reporting that Jack Bauer will be back for 3 more days (72 hours) after he signed a $10 million deal...which means Jack Bauer will still die at the end of this season.

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