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Friday, April 28, 2006

Counterpoint: Anything Is Possible
by Mary Jo Kopechne

Of course "Uncle Ted" is assuming that Secretary Heller perished in that terrible auto accident. He assumed the same thing 37 years ago when he drove his Oldsmobile into Poucha Pond. I was knocked into the back seat, while Teddy swam to safety, failed to rescue me, then failed to report the incident to anyone until the following morning.

No autopsy was ever performed on my lifeless body, because (for some reason) it was quickly transported out of the state. I wonder who had the connections to order such a measure? Anyway, no one will ever know how long it took me to die.

For that reason, it is entirely possible that Secretary Heller is still alive. CTU personnel are aware of his accident, and unlike me, he may have a fighting chance at survival. If there's any justice, he will live to see "Uncle Ted" get what he deserves.

Point: Don't Hold Your Breath; Heller's Dead
by Ted Kennedy


NDwalters said...

Ted Kennedy, crashes cars, almost drowns, downs planes, runs boats aground and he is not dead? That fat bastige signed a pact with Satan, that's the only was Senator Orca is still waddling around.

Anonymous said...