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Monday, April 24, 2006


In today's National Review Online, Bill Hawkins has an interesting take on the similarities between the fictional Charles Logan and the not-fictional but still nightmarish Bill Clinton:

In 24 Logan's plot was too clever by half. He arranges for the Chechens to obtain a large supply of nerve gas from an American lab and arranges for them to ship it back to their homeland. The Chechens are not fools, however, and suspect a trap. They uncover the U.S. agent who has infiltrated their ranks. They also disarm the triggering device that the White House was going to use to detonate the gas once it had arrived in the overseas terrorist lair. The objective was to wipe out the terrorist cell, but also use the group's possession of WMD as a pretext for intervention in Central Asia. For revenge, the Chechens try to use the gas to kill thousands of Americans.

In State of War, Risen reveals that Clinton also had an overly ambitious plot, which eventually backfired, involving assisting an enemy with WMDs. Operation Merlin had the CIA using a Russian atomic scientist, who had defected to the United States, to sell or give nuclear bomb blueprints to Iranian diplomats at the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. The catch was that the plans for the TBA 480 "firing set" contained design errors that would send Iran's scientists down the wrong path and delay their development of weapons. The TBA 480 is a Russian device for creating the implosion that sets off the nuclear chain-reaction in a bomb. The Russian scientist, whose defection does not now seem as genuine as was supposed, spotted the flaws and offered to help Iran fix the problems. But even if he had not tipped off the Iranians, other Russian and Chinese experts are known to be helping Tehran, so the design flaws would likely have been spotted at some point.

Actually, I think the similarites go far beyond that posited by the author of this piece.

Both Logan and Clinton are married to ballsy women with Bill having the misfortune of having to live with a true harridan. Meanwhile, Logan gets to play hide the salami with a woman who has firmer boobs than Chelsea.

Also, both Logan and Clinton have that same unctious, oily personna that grates like a fingernail being drawn across a blackboard. Every time Bill bites his lower lip, I want to urge him to keep going and devour the rest of his face, so sick and tired I've gotten having to look at it for the last decade.

But hey! Don't call me a Clinton hater....


Dionne said...

You know I hate Logan when I'm sitting here thinking that I think I actually despise him more than Bill. How is that possible?????

Anonymous said...

If you ask me, Hilary's a little too "ballsy" to be a true "First Lady"...

Anonymous said...

If Logan wants to give nerve gas to terrorists to use in Russia, detonate them en route to Moscow as a pretext for gaining a military foothold on Caspian oil reserves, and assassinate an ex president who is on to him that is within his authority as commander in chief at a time of war. Bauer is trying to leak classified materials and must be stopped. Jack is hurting America.

RFTR said...

Actually Tom, I disagree.

Bauer has not leaked anything. If anything, he is working through the proper governmental channels without releasing sensitive information to the public.

But I continue to be amazed by your kneejerk "humor"

Anonymous said...

Spoiler - Check the episode casts on IMDB which often include episodes not yet aired. Not only is a certain dead guy listed, Judith Miller is on hour 5-6 AM.

You address the issue of Bauer not leaking the information. Actually he was trying to do what he good. Heller vetoed the idea. Still you dodge the other point, isn't Logan acting within his authority as a wartime President?

Come to think of it. Bauer's plan was as foolish as Heller's. He was going to give the tape to Alberto Gonzalez? That will help. Flush!

Logan is obviously Nixon. Talk about knee jerk comedy trying to compare him to Clinton. I suppose the Steward of Gondor was supposed to be Carter.

Face it. Nixon = face of evil.