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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Point: Jack Bauer Puts the "Special" in Special Agent

Point: Jack Bauer Puts the "Special" in Special Agent
by Agent David Breckinridge

I'm agent David Breckinridge, and I just had the longest hour and thirty-five minutes of my life.

Working the security detail in Washington DC can be a dangerous job. It takes a real man to defend the President of the United States and look good doing so. That's why Agent Jack Bauer came to DC and ended up crawling back to LA? Jack Bauer just couldn't hack it in 'the district'.

Did you know that in 141 years of the Secret Service, there has never been a mole, until now? As it turns out my mentor happened to be the mole. I had a limited time frame to get to the bottom of the mole business and save the President's life. I live for this kind of stuff.

Yet, I hear that in only 5 days at CTU, there's been something like 18 moles. It seems to me Jack Bauer runs a sloppy shop out in "el-lay". Imagine if the president's life were in his hands? Someone could get hurt and that's just not going to happen on my watch.

What I did in 1 hour and 37 minutes would probably take "special" agent Jack Bauer 24 hours. We just don't have time for Jack Bauer.

Counterpoint: Breckinridge, You Couldn't Hold Jack Bauer's Jock.
by Chloe O'Brian

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