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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Miss Blogs4Bauer - Semifinals

Hi, the name is William Shatner and we have a very special episode of the Miss Blogs4Bauer contest. Do you like a good cat fight?

I cannot hear you. I asked if you like a good cat fight?

For round 2 we will have a Q&A Session with each of the ladies and then let you vote on who should stay and who should go.

In Round 1, Nina dispatched of Audrey with extreme prejudice. When the smoke settled, Nina advanced easily (78%-22%). Here is what a few of you wrote about Nina Myers :
deathlok - I think this one is tough. . .I mean Nina could kill you in your sleep, but then again if Audrey rolled over in her sleep she could kill you with a nose through the eye.
Wyatt - GO NINA GO!!!
yeah him - Nothing like an evil demon harpie woman to really arouse the loins... my vote is out there for Nina.

Poor Teri Bauer had to amp up the charm to make it past the hottest terrorist to ever last 3 episodes, Collete Stenger. After an sudden-death run-off, Teri pulled through (51%-49%). Here is what a few of you had to say about Teri:
steveggg - Now, the question is, will Jack kill me if I vote for Teri or will he kill me if I don't vote for Teri?
lbob - Vote Teri
yankz - Teri's only redeeming quality is that she proves Jack Bauer is like Hercules or something. Only his genes could combine with someone as fug as Teri's to produce the (physical) perfection that is Kim.

Speaking of Kim. Cougar-bait moved on to the Final Four with a 54%-46% win over Mandy. Click Here for an updated bracket.

Now let's get to the T&A session. Whoa, I mean Q&A.

Shatner: Teri, how do you feel about Jack fathering a child with another contestant.
Teri Bauer: Well he would've had another child if it were not for that skank-mole Nina Myers.
(Teri reaches over and pimp slaps Nina)

Shatner: Whoa ladies, Shatner likes! Nina...
Nina: hold on a second lard ass.
(Nina reaches over and pimp slaps Teri)
Shatner: Ohhh yeah!
Nina: Are you going to ask a question or do you need to get slapped?
Shatner: Can I get a little slap?

Which one of these cougars will reach the next round? That is for you to decide.

Who moves on to the Final Four?

Nina Myers

Teri Bauer

Click Here for results


yankz said...

Nina's got my vote, but I'm still disappointed with the way the bracket turned out. No way is Nina hotter than any of Kim, Mandy, Michelle, or Nadia.

Todd said...

I agree with yankz, and not just because he's obviously a Yankee fan and has brains, but because he's just plain right.

The final four should have been Mandy, Kim, Nadia, and probably the winner of a quarterfinal match between Chloe and Michelle (as opposed to the "quick, get Chloe in the running before the servers implode" stuff we got in the first round).

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Might I suggest a none of the above option for this round?

Jack Bauer said...

See what happens when you give people choices.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Teri's get killed... again.

Justin said...

Looks like we're seeing another bloodbath...

yankz said...

Thank you, Todd. Go Yankees.

BUMBLE!!! said...

There's something about a woman with really short hair that says, "Ya know, it's just not the look you want to take into a beauty contest."

So give Nina another round.
Let the demon harpie on to the next round!!!

BUMBLE!!! said...

And even though Yankz is obviously a Yankee fan, I'll 2nd his comments on all except Nadia. I just can't get behind that (nor would I want to).

yankz said...

Wait, what? You wouldn't want to get behind Nadia? Really?! Oh, man...

yankz said...

BTW yeah him, Rat Race is such a fucking good movie.

Johnny Park said...


a) Killed Teri once
b) Is fairly attractive (unlike Teri)
c) Lasted more than one season
d) Is not a whiny, annoying character whose only redeeming value was giving birth to Jack Bauer's daughter, whose only redeeming value in turn was/is being good looking. (I still want a recount of Kim vs. Mandy.)

steveegg said...

Looking at the early returns, it is going to be a VERY busy Season 7 as Jack hunts down everybody that voted for Nina over Teri.

steveegg said...

yeah him, what about getting in front of while facing Aywana?

Todd said...

Yankz, I have to chime in and say that "yeah him" is obviously, as Homer Simpson would say "FUH-laming!" He wouldn't get behind Nadia? What's wrong with this man?

yankz said...

yeah him posted a reasonable explanation on my site. Basically, he thinks she doesn't smile and is just average for a celebrity. I still think he's nuts and needs glasses.

BUMBLE!!! said...

A) the woman doesn't smile.
B) the woman is so full of herself and annoying to deal with.

Is she attractive - yeah, if you don't have to look at her face.

Kim, Mandy, and the Warner sisters are so much hotter than she could ever ben.

Besides, who wants sloppy seconds on any Milo gal?

Unless it's Chloe.

steveegg said...

YH - There always is the light switch.

yankz said...

You raise a good point, YH. She made out with Milo and now seems to be hot for Ricky. In my defense, I fell in love long before either of those crimes.