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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

B4B Fight Club: Special Edition: RoboCop Henderson versus Master Chief

RoboCop Henderson: '24'
Age: late forties
Nationality: American
Occupation: Traitor
Death Count: Unknown, but probably a lot.
Strengths: Robocop's armor and weapons combined with Biff Henderson's unrepentent evil. Snappy catchphrase "Dead or alive, you're coming with me!"
Weaknesses: Vulnerable to strong electro-magnetic fields
Comment: If he killed Evelyn's little girl, he needs killing.

Master Chief: 'Halo'
Age: Twenty-something
Nationality: Reachian
Occupation: Cyborg Super Soldier
Death Count: Um, how many thousands of people were on the first Halo, and on the Covenant Cruiser, and how many did he kill in between?
Strengths: Superhuman strength, regenerating protective force-field, artificial intelligence, proficiency across a wide range of military weapons. Might even stand a chance against Jack.
Weaknesses: You can get around him if you know the shortcuts.
Comment: You think terrorists are bad? Try fighting eight-foot super-lizards with plasma machine guns.

Originally, I was going to do this as Jack Bauer versus Master Chief (inspired by this hilarious, obscene, and definitely NSFW video at YouTube), but I figured it would eventually come down to Chloe hacking into the mainframe and disabling Cortana, leaving Master Chief helpless. So, I decided, hey, Biff Henderson/RoboCop, Cyborg versus Cyborg, that has possibilities.


Greg said...

It's hard to believe, but Peter Weller is 59 years old. Now I suppose he could be PLAYING a late-40s Biff Henderson.

RFTR said...

Master Chief wins, hands down. How do I know?

Because I've played video games in the role of each character, and Master Chief is by far more effective.

Anonymous said...

Robocop better PRAY Master Chief takes him out first before Jack gets ahold of him.

Everyone toghether now: "I need a weapon.."