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Monday, January 22, 2007

Blogs4Bauer Kill Counter Challenge - Week 2

Welcome to The Blogs4Bauer Kill Counter Challenge! Each week B4B will host a contest to see who can guess Jack Bauer's point total. The winner will be given much praise and be allowed to live another day.

Last week Jack Bauer shook off some rust and scored a respectable 5 points, including scoring a 4-pointer with his Vampire-kill. However killing Curtis dropped the point total to 4.

Will the old Jack Bauer return tonight? Will his new ability to glow in the dark hurt or help his kill counter point total? Will the ghosts of Ryan Chappelle and Curtis Manning seek revenge?

Take a look at the Guidelines and Point System listed below. Post your point total in the comments section for Hour 5. The winner will be posted next Monday.
Week 1 (Hours 1-4)
Winner: Rhymes With Right (4 points)

Kill Counter Point System:
Jack Bauer with a gun (1 point)
Jack Bauer with a knife (1 point)
Jack Bauer with explosives (1 point)
Jack Bauer with his head (4 points)
Jack Bauer with his manpurse (5 points)
Jack Bauer with his upper body (2 points)
Jack Bauer with his lower body (3 points)
Jack Bauer's cell phone kills someone (0.5 point)
Jack Bauer kills CTU agent Jason Blaine (2 points)
Jack Bauer kills another member of CTU (-1 point)

Bonus Points:
Jack Bauer tortures someone before killing them (+1 point)
Jack Bauer says something cool before killing them (+1 point)
Jack Bauer says something cool and tortures someone before killing them (+3 points)
If Jack Bauer utters a "dammit" in the process of killing someone (+1 point/each)
If Jack Bauer wears aviators while killing someone (+1 point)
If Jack Bauer sports his manpurse while killing someone (+1 point)

Jack Bauer Combo Kills:
If Jack Bauer kills more than one person in one situation, here's how the combo points add up.
2 kills-in-1 (+2 points)
3 kills-in-1 (+6 points)
4 kills-in-1 (+8 points)
...10 kills-in-1 (+20 points)
and so on.
Season 6 Kills so far:
1. Bite to the neck (4 points)
2. Explosive kick (1 point)
3. Killing Curtis (-1 point)


Anonymous said...

My guess for hour 5:
7 points. Jack is Back! His manboobs get 1 kill tonight.

al said...

Jack's back. And he's pissed. But it'll be a little slow. 4 points.

bRight & Early said...

I'm going to go with 6 points knowing I can't do any worse than week 1.

I also think that Chloe is going to do a Loraina Bobbit on one/the other/both of her beaux.

Anonymous said...

I say jack goes crazy after seeing a nuclear explosion in LA and gets 9 points!!


Dionne said...

I don't know. This new point system is making my head spin. I'll go for 3 points.

Anonymous said...

What the heck do I know, I didn't get one right last year.

But I am going to go really crazy and say my official guess is 11 points.

Justin said...

I forsee a slow night, I'm going with 0

Anonymous said...

Justin....went with a lowball Price is Right bid on us.

BUMBLE!!! said...

Jack is back, but this is a transition episode. As Justin said, no points, but there are some really great interogations.

If he's going to be killing, it won't be in the first 12 minutes.

Next week he goes apeshit and ends a pile of villains.

Johnny Park said...

Jack is going to come completely unhinged, hopefully starting tonight. Let's kick it off right with, say, 8 points tonight.

NDwalters said...

He didn't kill anyone tonight! What a gip! I was expecting more after his Lost Boys move from the first episode.