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Friday, January 05, 2007

Building Towards A Kickass 24 Season

Let the countdown begin for the new season of 24 commence in earnest. The New York Daily News isn't mincing words in its opinion of the upcoming opening hours of the new 24 season. It's going to be a hit (as if you didn't already expect that).

Jack's back, and I've got to believe that he's got a chip on his shoulder. I wouldn't be surprised if the Chinese put one in there after torturing him and doing who knows what to him while in captivity.
Last season, you'll recall, "24" opened with the rapid-fire deaths of several key characters, including Dennis Haysbert's President David Palmer, and closed with Jack Bauer being carted off by Chinese government agents. The new season begins 20 months later, with Jack, looking like Rip Van Bauer, about to be freed from having spent that whole time in a Chinese prison, defiantly mute and definitely tortured.

Since it occurs at the virtual start of this new cycle of "24," it's not spoiling much of anything to reveal that the man in the Oval Office is, again, President Palmer - but this time it's brother Wayne (D.B. Woodside), whose inner circle includes both the familiar (Jayne Atkinson as Karen Hayes, now national security adviser) and the new (Peter MacNicol as Tom Lennox).

To keep all the surprises intact, let's limit the basic information to the fact that Chloe (Mary Lynn Rajskub) is still at CTU, along with Curtis (Roger Cross), Milo (Eric Balfour), Morris (Carlo Rota) and boss Bill Buchanan (James Morrison) - and that among the new players, as Jack and company pursue the latest dire terrorist threat, is Alexander Siddig from "Battlestar Galactica."

The plot is propelled with deliberate speed, and with truly startling events to climax two of the first four hours. The tension is high, the body count is substantial, and the thrill-ride momentum of "24" swiftly veers viewers away from any nagging lapses of logic or credibility.
You can bet that we're going to be tracking that body count quite closely and hash out all those lapses of credibility at the Blogs4Bauer in both the live blogging sessions and recaps.

This will also be my first offical posting on the Blogs4Bauer website as the offer to join the crew was extended last week.

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Anonymous said...

Just a note, Alexander Siddig was on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, not Battlestar Galactica.

lawhawk said...

Good catch. The Daily News article got that one wrong. He was Bashir on DS9.

Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard lawhawk.

Technically, your fist post on B4B is supposed to include a picture of Kim Bauer.

NDwalters said...

Siddig was also the moderate prince from Syriana. Not bad, if you can stomach George Clooney in it..... and Karen Hayes is in Syriana as the CIA Director. Interesting. Anyone else think that the dude who plays Mike Novick is underappreciated? Anyone willing to bet Novick will appear, as will James Heller?

I do think Audrey is going to be dogmeat, or seriously wounded this season... just a hunch.

Unknown said...

Establish a perimeter ... security has been compromised.

Send it to my screen!