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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Carnival of Bauer!!!

This episode of The Carnival is dedicated to the most dysfunctional family in American history. The Bauers are what happens if you mix the cuteness of the Olsen twins and the temper of Archie Bunker. It may take a village to raise a child, but it takes a nuclear blast to the village for the Bauers to reunite.

The Carnival of Bauer!!! returns next Thursday (2/1). If you would like to submit a post, remember to have them in by midnight on Wednesday.

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The following takes place betweenholycraphisBROTHER?
Lou from New World...uhh New Word Order calls this the best season yet for 24 (cough Season 4 cough). He does make a good point by asking "What the hell is up with Sandra Palmer?"

Terrorism and "24"
The Old School takes a look at the real world of terrorists and 24. And claims that there is a little Jack Bauer in all of us. I wish.

24 Season 6 - Episode 5 - 10 am to 11 am Synopsis
Steve from Magic Lamp provides us with a complete, sometimes funny recap of the latest episode of 24.

24 and Moral Ambiguity
Ched at Says Simpleton notes that playing with plastic bags is dangerous. He also posts a few surprises from the last episode.

Too Easy
VtheK recalls a caption contest starring Jack Bauer Jr.

Blood's thicker than mud. It's a Family Affair.
Pantry Girl is catching onto the theme of 24. Women are the root of all our problems. Women and nuclear bombs. PG also compares her family to the Bauers...which is unfair because she has never had her brother raise her love child.

NEW CONTRIBUTOR- The Bluetooth!™
Jack Sack has a new member....Bluetooth. Can Jack make Graham swallow his bluetooth?

The Touchy-Feely Response to Nuclear Attacks
Emperor Misha I has the longest recap in the history of recaps (at least for Season 6). Their recap of the first four episodes were eaten alive by Al Gore's internet.

What if Chloe had one of these?
Just go check it out. Forget Chloe, I want one.

Jack Bauer has a father?!!
Castle Fairchild has a recap of the latest episode of 24.

24: Snapped together!!
Right Mom has made watching 24 a family affair. It's sorta like watching Springer when the Bauers get together. Someone is going to have a love child, a chair will be thrown. Good times.

A Comic Look at 24
Ever wanted to know what a Jack Bauer comic book would look like? Well shame on you if you haven't.

24 - K.B. spends the day with J.B. (Hour 5)
Kyle counts other things besides kills. Did you know that Jack Bauer did not yell the last hour? KB also provides a funny recap of the last episode. It is the first and only recap to reference a lite brite, Jason Bateman, and Grand Theft Auto.

All in the family
King Tom recaps the last episode and sprinkles in a few stupid questions.

Finally, make sure to check out the CTU Rookie, an online miniseries put on by Degree and the crew of 24. Can you guess the star of the show and his connection with a previous season of 24?

Post a comment if you can.


Unknown said...

I think I saw him on the russian sub last year

Anonymous said...

protoman - that is correct, he was on the sub last year.

Anonymous said...

Oh yea... petty officer rooney?