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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Kill Counter Hours 1-4

RIP Agent Curtis Manning

He killed Curtis! They Nuked LA! Kumar just shot Rube Baker! Isn't that the guy from Ghostbusters II?

This had to be the best opening for a season of 24, ever. With "hundreds of thousands" of people potentially killed, the revised Kill Counter proved that change is good. Just imagine if I had counted each death like I did with Season 5 (including a boatload of Russian sailors on board a Oscar II Class submarine).

Change is good, however killing Curtis was bad for the Kill Counter as killing another member of CTU is -1 point. But who didn't see that coming? Bacardi and Cola's relationship had been on the rocks for some time. Just last season Jack put Curtis in a sleeper hold. The next logical step would have been one of them shooting the other.

For instructions on how the Kill Counter works, click here. Behold, Jack Bauer's kills for the first 4 hours.

Hours 1-2
Total - 5 points
Jack Bauer takes a bite out of crime for 4 points.

Jack Bauer kicks a suicide bomber out of the Subway.

Hours 3-4
Total (-1 Point)
Jack Bauer is the #3 reason for deaths of CTU agents behind bad guys and nerve gas.

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NDwalters said...

Bacardi and Cola are no more? SCHEISSE! Mein Gott! Oh, it's on now.....

L P said...

Do you think Curtis is really dead? I mean, the EMT didn't say he was dead, and is seemed as if Jack shot him in the upper shoulder/clavicle region. I know the 24 website says Curtis is dead, but still I'm not convinced on this one, since immediately afterward all hell broke loose.

Though from a writing standpoint, the show wasn't going to be able to milk much more out of the Curtis and Al-Assad personal link, having already arrived at the climax.

And there was the brewing tension with the choke from last season, this is true.

Anonymous said...

yeah lou, because so far, the whole DECEASED thing on the official website has been known to be flexible.

If Cubs Mug is dead, then Curtis Manning is dead. End of story.

L P said...

I guess I'm just hopeful. Yeah, that huge red deceased banner across his picture is pretty final, I suppose.

I love the scene in Day 4 when Tony is drinking whiskey(?) from that mug, sidenote.

Anonymous said...

I was totally getting what Cola was putting down last night too.

Damn Jack Bauer and his sense of duty!

Anonymous said...

Tony is still dead. I hope we don't have to re-live that drama this season with Curtis.

L P said...

Who replaces Curtis at Jack's side, though? My bet: Aaron Pierce.

Anonymous said...

Lou....enter Ricky Shroder....I am not kidding.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, 24 has Soul Patch AND Black Bauer and they off them and then bring in Silver Spoons?

WTH? I want some damn answers now!!!

NDwalters said...

Rick Schroeder? NYPD Blue, Silver Spoons, Lonesome Dove Ricky Schroeder? Interesting casting. Well, he could pass for a Chase protege. Better than Rudy the paranoid CTU Agent and his crack whore sister.... from last season.

Trekker4747 said...

Maybe I"m bad at math.. but isn't Curtis, the Train Bomber, and the guy Jack Bit 3 deaths/kills?

RFTR said...

Curtis is, in fact, dead. And he will be replaced by Tony, who did not, in fact, die.

And Kim is his new girlfriend, which should just about drive Jack up a wall.

Anonymous said...


Read up on how we are doing the kill counter this year. It's more about points than bodies.

Trekker4747 said...

Ah... That seems needlessly confusing. Not my call, but I'd count points and bodies. Butm whatever. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think Bauer killed the Subway terrorist. He killed himself.