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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Carnival of Bauer V6.1

The Carnival of Bauer!!! is back and hotter than a Valencia manhole cover, sneakier than a commercial break on 24, and more popular than Chloe on a CTU SpeedDating event.

Everything I Know I Learned From 24
Irrational Optimism provides us with some key points from watching 24. Such as:
-If you ever get arrested for anything, strike an immunity deal.
-Breaking into a high level government facility is like attacking a four-year-olds snow fort.
Check out the post for much more.

New Logo
I'm not sure if Simply Kimberly meant to post this in the Carnival, but she developed a new logo for Blogs4Bauer. Thanks Kimberly, whatever gets you over Tony's death.

B is for Bauer!
Pantrygirl (not panty girl) posts a couple of random musings from the first few episodes of Season 6, which you can now get on DVD. What is up with that?

TV Weekend comes to a close
Lou from New World Order posts about some things he found interesting about the season thus far, including some predictions. Lou also posts a list of people on 24 that he doesn't trust. As if the writers of 24 would throw a mole into the plot...never.

24 - Day 6, 8 Am - 10 AM
JimK recalls the first few hours from the perspective of Jack Bauer. Since Jack doesn't have enough on his plate already, now he has to blog about it.

Tidbits from "24" hours 3 and 4
Thoughtful Conservative lists some thoughts about hours 3 and 4 by noting current events with what is going on in 24.

The "Explosive" Season Premiere of 24
The 24 Recap by Says Simpleton includes some of the show's surprises (Curtis, nuke, etc) with some of the no-brainers (Chloe is a smartass).

24 Goes Nuclear
In the world of 24, Little Miss Chatterbox may be the only fan that pays homage to Ms. Everyman in helping correct her husband's willingness to help out the terrorists. Now if she can just get him to trade in those other credit cards for Capitol One, they would greatly improve their vacations.

Tom Gibson sent me this ad. Click on it for a larger view. I kinda want to take a ride on the Atomic Super Chief!

“24″ Returns: Night 2
The recap from The Buzz Blog has an error. It was an ailing George Mason who flew the nuke into the desert, kicking Jack Bauer off the flight in Season 2. Jack Bauer shot Ryan Chappelle in the head at the request of a terrorist in Season 3.

Barstool Sports: Random Thoughts: January 16, 2007
Barstool Sports has a recap of the events on 24 including a rundown of some of the new and old characters we are going to see this season.
Con Air and Straw Dogs
The Bauer has a nice recap of the first few hours of Season 6. Nice reference to Palmer's version of ConAir minus Nicolas Cage.

R.I.P. The Black Sack
With Curtis Manning's shocking death, The Jack Sack returns to help us cope with the loss of his friend, Curtis' man-purse: The Black Sack. Yes, Jack Bauer's man-purse apparently has time to blog.

Da Bomb
Dr. Blogstein admits staying up at night and wondering what will happen next with the four missing suitcase nukes. DB also has a few really cool links pertaining to the reaction to the show and the fallout of the missing nukes.

24 - K.B. spends the day with J.B.
The recap at includes a running tally of kills, screams, cellphone calls and "Jack Bauer Moments." Plus plenty of biting, sarcastic analysis. The post also brings to mind something that I didn't notice. Who cut Jack's hair?

Drop the weapon!!!
Castle Fairchild posts about the Jack Bauer doll. If only I had a nickel every time someone emailed me a link to the story about this doll.

24 - It's Just a TV Show
FAIR at Radioactive Liberty posts a biting tome on the fact that there are probably many people watching 24 and saying, “See! See that you stupid liberals? That is how terrorism poses an existential threat against our country. This is exactly what will happen if we leave terrorism unchecked.” On a sidenote, Time magazine also has an article debating the politics of 24.

Magic Lamp posts these recaps on his site and on Dave Barry's site. So if you missed them at Magic Lamp and also at Dave's place, here they are.
Here are some thoughts and stupid questions from King Tom on episodes three and four.

Last but not least. Have you been looking for a way to liven up your workplace? Matthias and Jason sent me a link to a video they put together. Check out the Jack Bauer Management Infomercial here. They cite the Talk Like Jack Bauer Day post as inspiration.

The Carnival of Bauer!!! returns next Thursday (1/25). If you would like to submit a post, remember to have them in by midnight on Wednesday.

Want to host The Carnival of Bauer!!!? Send Jack an email to sign up.

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Anonymous said...

The logo is free for anyone's use. It should have a 100px width and 40px height though. I noticed it is scrunched in the post.

And as for Tony's "death". I am saying it now with absolute certainty that he will be back! I am 100% convinced that he is not dead. Carlos Bernard's recent comments have hinted to a return of Soul Patch.

Dionne said...

Kimberly, I feel your pain about Tony :-).

Just an FYI for those who haven't submitted to the Carnival of Bauer before. Its a lot of fun and it brings lots of good traffic to your blog. Totally worth doing!!

The Jack Sack said...

Thanks for including me in the Carnival! I can't wait to read through all the other articles. Here I am, at CTU HQ waiting for Jack to finally pick me up so we can catch those 4 other rogue nukes before the terrorists go off. It's been 4 hours, Jack! Hurry!

To kill time, I'm posting a movie review later tonight: Children of Men. See you folks soon!