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Monday, January 29, 2007

All Jacked Up

Or should that be "All Kim-ed Up"?

Guess who's liveblogging tonight's episode of 24?

In case the picture at the right did not clue you in, it'll be your favorite Kim Bauer afficionado—me, RFTR.

Even if she doesn't show up tonight (I'll be crossing my fingers that she does), you can bet that I'll be making as many references to the most excellent hottie (come on, that Arab chick from this season doesn't hold a candle to Kim—and Dessler? Puleeze...) this show has yet seen as I possibly can.

So get ready. I'll be back at 9pm Eastern for tonight's liveblogging.

I know I can't wait—can you?

(If not, you can keep yourself busy until then by visiting my full-time blog. In particular, I highly recommend my weekly "F'ed Up Fridays" feature.)


Anonymous said...

I see the restraining order does not include your blog-time with Kim.

The Jack Sack said...

I actually gasped when I saw that picture.

Imagine that, after all these years, Kim still gets the old Jack Sack's juices flowing... wait, that's wrong on multiple levels!


RFTR said...

The restraining order was filed just prior to last season, and had a 1 year duration. So it has expired, and, until she finds out, I'm free to blog about her again.

And blog I will.

Anonymous said...

She is super hot and he more pictures the merrier. I just caught The Girl Next Door. She is so hot!