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Monday, January 16, 2006

Death Count Contest
Let me be the FIRST! to say 4 deaths.One major, three incidental. - The Conservative UAW Guy
It looks like almost everyone overshot the Death Count for the first two episodes, Hector Vex even went as high as 26. Come on people, this is not an episode of Over There on FX. UAW Guy decided to be like the blue-haired granny on The Price is Right and lowball us all. Congrats, but someone really should have guessed 5 deaths to block him.

Blogs 4 Bauer Challenge - 2 Hours Down - 22 to Go
Q: How many people will die in the next 2 hours?
The next 2 hours look to be as thrilling as the first 2. We have Jack chasing bad guys, Jack being chased by good guys, Jack being chased by the mullet-haired son of his girlfriend, and we have Tony getting a steady drip of morphine (you know he likes that-chase the dragon Tony).


The Conservative UAW Guy said...

Blue-haired grannies rock!
Given the hostage situation, I'm saying 8 tonight!

Anonymous said...

I'd saw at least 5 ... mainly because he's going to be taking out some of them hostage takes at the airport .. does snot-nosed kid count if he goes down?

al said...

4 bad guys and 3 good guys/hostages. The snot-nosed kid will survive ... for now.

I'm glad I was wrong about Chole.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate CTU's willingness to send Random Backup Agents to their demise. I see Jack opening a can of whoopass on the hostage takers with CTU agents taking a few bullets as well.

10 - mostly killed by Jack. The kid with the mullet lives.

al said...

Sorry for the off topic post but I'll bet that you would not have wanted to be watching on WACH-TV last night. From ‘24’ gets cut off in last 10 minutes

TV fans hit the roof when local newscast begins before show ends...

Dionne said...

I'm going to go low since most of us overshot last time. I say 5 and I find it highly unlikely that the teenage son bites the dust this early. Jack will have to save him at all costs.

Alphie said...

Dammit V the K, you're two steps ahead of me... I was going to say it's more of a 'grunge' look than a mullet.

Well, it looks like Logan's not getting whacked; at least not any time soon. But damn, the guy is such a weasel. And he always makes a face like he's about to crap his pants every time there's a problem.

But... as much as I can't stand the guys face, he's got nothing on Chloe. Why do they insist on doing closeups of her? Ahhh!

My only hope is that CTU has forgotten about the likelyhood of Chloe's car being rigged to blow. Maybe she'll need something from her car in the next 2 hours...

Anonymous said...

Okay, 24 started 13 minutes late, so I missed the last 13 minutes. The last thing I saw was Mike telling the pres that the Russian copter was going to be targeted.


And yee-haw! Palmer got killed! Yes!

Buckaroo Banzai said...

Prof - The copter was not targeted, but a band of thugs entered the airport and is holding many hostages there, including Kurt Cobain's Mini-Me. Jack is also in the terminal (terminal - no pun intended), so expect some bad guys to get fragged.

BTW RFTR, do we have to change the header now, since Kim is probably gonna be a no-show, Tony is in ICU, and Michelle is R.I.P.?

Dionne said...

I found this good article that is worth reading:,6115,1149244_3_0_,00.html

Anonymous said...

I'm bummed that they offed Michelle so early. In her brief appearance, she was looking better than ever, and that's saying a lot. Even my wife commented on how good she looked. As an aside, a good friend/fellow 24 addict met the lovely Ms. Aylesworth on a New York City street this summer. He said that she was really down to earth and much better looking in person

CGrim said...

So... I assume only named characters are counted? cuz there was a whole lot of death so far

- Palmer
- Michelle
- Haas (sp?) (sounds like ice cream)
- 2-3 bad guys whom Jack stabs, shoots, etc
- Chevensky airport guy
- a whole lot of guards in the airport

Anonymous said...

I bet Reiko is wishing she'd taken that job on CSI right about now ... and that annoying kid needs to get whacked. Real soon.

"I was just looking after mommy." WTF is that supposed to mean, anyway?

RFTR said...

I'm going to go with 14 in this two-hour period.

I may be over-estimating, but that situation looks like it could result in quite a few cop deaths, and just as many terrorist deaths.

Live-blogging to begin shortly.

Anonymous said...

President Palmer is not dead.

The (Season 5) covered body that you saw in my brother Wayne's Penthouse did NOT have the scar on the hand that I suffered doing the transdermal assassination attempt in Season 2.

You saw me on the operating table in hospital greens at the end of the Episode 1, Season 5. This was AFTER I was "dead" in the Penthouse.

For those who express interest there is other evidence.