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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Blogs4Bauer Blogroll

Welcome to the Blogs4Bauer Blogring!
We at Blogs4Bauer are all very pleased by the upsurge in traffic we've seen over the past few days. We're glad that others share our obsession with passion for 24 (and Kim), and that you've chosen to join us. We hope you keep coming back.

To keep track of you all, I'd like to introduce the Blogs4Bauer blogring. In the next few days I will be adding another pod to the sidebar (if there's interest), linking to all of you who've become regular visitors. So what do you have to do to join? It's simple, really:
  1. Add one of the many Blogs4Bauer banners or buttons to your personal blog. (See below on this post or in the sidebar for your options. If you need help doing this, send Jack an email, and he'll be happy to help.)
  2. Create a post having something to do with 24 and linking to this site.
  3. Send Jack an email with the permalink to your post, or post a comment on this post containing the same, and I will add you to the list on the sidebar.
Anything you want to do above and beyond this would be greatly appreciated, but is not necessary for inclusion in the list.

So what are you choices for banners and buttons? Well, these:


UPDATE [1/21/2006 - 13:16]: I've added the Blogs4Bauer Blogring pod to the sidebar. Check it out and let Jack know if you want to join.

UPDATE [1/17/2007 - 20:05] We have changed from individual links to a list on which means you can add the blogroll to your blog! Just paste this code on somewhere on your site like a sidebar:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript" src="">

Be sure to take out the line breaks that where added for this post.

You can now send your requests to be included in the blogroll to lakelandjim ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com.


Dionne said...

Hey, I just sent you an email telling you I wanted to join. I already had met all the requirements :-). It is a great idea. In case you couldn't tell I've loved interacting on this blog. I talked about 24 again on my post today.

Dionne said...

Also, I love the gone but not forgotten pic of Palmer. Thanks!!

Buckaroo Banzai said...

Not to sound like a filthy whore, but feel free to visit the blogs of the contributors at the top right as well.

Sorry, guys, but my blog could use the site hits!

Anonymous said...

This is now Sunday night. Now only 22:30 until my next weekly fix of 24 as noted here.

Sure, I'll link you for a link to mine! The criteria are met, so sign me on.

I've just GOT to get out and shoot up some more 9 mm!

Anonymous said...

Pimping Blogs4Bauer

I lurk but LOVE you guys. :-)

However i broke my button (html is not my friend) so, its not there at the moment, but it will be back soon. :0)

Anonymous said...

new to this need help: what did Logan mean that it was a problem for Jack to be alive and vice versa???

Fausta said...

I just added the picture -- proud to join the ring!
Fausta's blog

Anonymous said...

love the site. have linked you on mine and attached the buttons/post.

AtriaBooks said...

I'm up and running! BLOGS4BAUER!

P said...

Hey I got the link on my page. Ive been getting good reviews from people that have read mine. Its really funny and not to be taken the least bit seriously. Im a huge fan of the show and just do this for a laugh.
Post some comments if you check it out so I know people are looking at it.

Unknown said...

I haven't been this excited about a TV show in a looooooong time!

Anonymous said...

Hey stranger. Your blog is good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I added one of your blogring pictures to my blog, and made a post about the 24 movies, since I just heard about THREE of them, and want to join.
Oh yea, I told people about the kill
counter. Haha I love that thing.

Anonymous said...

Hey, love the site. I put the post up on my site, and I want to be a Blog 4 Bauer. peace
China Intel

MickeyMooseMU said...

Have the link up and running.

BlogVantage said...

Yup! Got a new computer! Named it CHLOE!

Anonymous said...

hy guys i LOVE 24 i also have a myspace so leave a messeage if u do to my e mail is
kim has a myspace to go to
and chek it out
kk thanks


Anonymous said...

No More Spin is on board.
I added the link on my sidebar.
Please add me to the list.

Anonymous said...

I would love to join you blog ring.
my Blog is Stix BLog

Nelson said...


Here's my post:

Anonymous said...

Me too!

Anonymous said...

Do we have to like Kim to be part of the blogring?

Jack Bauer said...

There are no requirements about joining the blogring. Even if you don't like Kim.

Anonymous said...

That's the link to my post...I would like to join.

Captain USpace said...

This is great! Here's my link to my post, thanks for blogrolling me, your'site's in my regular roll too.


absurd thought -
God of the Universe hates
watching 24 on Fox...

Unknown said...

I would like to join as well. Here is my latest post:

Anonymous said...

Great Blog, I have a special section in my forum just for 24. Would love to be added to your blogroll. I'll be sure to post about your blog.

24 thread at RO

Anonymous said...

Here's my post.

I love the site!


ruther said...

Damn! It took me so long before finding a blog for Jack Bauer. I'mnot really into joing the blogroll as of now but I have finished the sixth season even though the airtime here in the Philippines is not up to date. :)

ruther said...

My 76-year old father is a huge fan of this series. Though I haven't join the blogroll yet, I have already filed this site under "My Favorite Sites". Will visit this blog again soon... (Excited for Day 7 to come).

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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