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Monday, January 23, 2006

Continuity, it's all about continuity

Somethings I can overlook. A 45 minute drive in 9 minutes...I can shrug that off. No eating or bathroom trips...maybe we missed it? MilSpec Vx agent that is leaking(dead rats) and no human casualties? That's a stretch. I won't rehash the "proprietary algorithm"...that was just laughable.

It was fun to watch studboy crap himself. SURE! The Whitehouse is going to recruit an entry level CTU guy to perform an audit of their activities covertly.

Ya gotta appreciate Curtis' taste in pistols. Didn't get a look at the barrel but it is definately a Glock. Either a G21 or G19, my money is on the 21. Still trying to figure out Jack's weapon of choice. Looks like a Browning .45 but I haven't seen it close enough(and if I ever do I probably won't be around to explain it) and those 1911 models all sorta look alike.

I think this is the season where Mike (Palmer's Chief of Staff in season 2 I think, this year looks like a National Security Advisor?) gets to redeem himself for betraying Palmer.


CGrim said...

Glocks are alright

Sigs or H&K USPs are where its at, tho

al said...

Glocks are excellent combat weapons. Just keep your finger off the trigger (unlike the 'professional' hitter)

I think Jack has a H&K USP.

CGrim said...

I agree.

although he uses different guns all the time. he was using a Sig P220 or P226 a lot in earlier seasons

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I was wondering how those rats got the nerve gas, too. I was thinking maybe the whole place was contaminated & they'd lock it down, but I guess that's already been done.

My sister & I were talking after the show. We agreed that the key to getting to Logan & Cummings will probably be Mike Novak. For one thing, he's the one who would trust Bauer over Cummings.

Buckaroo Banzai said...

Don't knock the Glock. Me and my cohorts in the Philly PD carry the Glock 17 on duty. It's idiot proof, and with what the Philly PD is hiring these days . . .

ZaijiaN said...

I'm pretty sure Jack's main pistol is an H&K. What tears me up is when he's on an assault mission with a whole squad behind him, they all have rifles, and he storms the compound with a handgun. If Jack's going to stick to the small arms maybe he should carry two all the time.

Oh, and Glocks are also proof of idiots - they'll be the ones who negligently discharge.