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Monday, January 16, 2006

Important Safety Tips From The Premiere of 24

1. Do Not Assassinate Friends of Jack Bauer.

2. Do Not Threaten to Kill Friends of Jack Bauer.

3. Do Not Taunt Jack Bauer.

4. Do Not Chase Guys Who Look Like Terrorists Into Airports Behind Jack Bauer.

5. If You Are a Friend of Jack Bauer, Consider the Remote Starter Option Now Available on Most Autmobiles.

6. If You Encounter Jack Bauer and Lots of Smoke in an Open Area, Leave Immediately.

7. Do Not Stand Between Jack Bauer and a Crime Scene.

8. Do Not Stand Between Jack Bauer and the Exit Route From a Crime Scene

9. Do Not Sit Too Close to Jack Bauer's TV, Especially if Jack's team just received a bad call and Jack reaches under the cushions.

10. It is usually a good idea to get Jack to promise not to let anything happen to you... unless your name is Behrooz.


Anonymous said...

An AMAZING first 2 hours .. waiting on bated breath for tonight ....

Alphie said...

LMAO, V the K!

The first 2 hours were well worth the wait.

Dionne said...

Ditto to those comments.

When Jack was trying to find a way out of the FBI building I was picturing an Alias moment. If it had been Sydney Bristow she would've pulled a cord w/ a hook (have no idea what thats called) out of her backback and jumped off the roof.

Buckaroo Banzai said...

Damn. Killing Palmer right before MLK Day. Very politically incorrect.

Anonymous said...

11. Always enable trackbacks! (hint, hint)

Anonymous said...

Are you telling me that Jack has saved the country 4 times, but no FBI agent knows what he looks like without a crappy printout?

12. 24 is brought to you by Blue Blockers

Anonymous said...

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