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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Jack Bauer - 1
Christmas Tree - 0

According to the Sunday Mirror (UK), Jack Bauer (aka Kiefer Sutherland) had a bit too much to drink and ended up taking down a 12-foot Christmas tree.

Sutherland was partying at the Strand Palace Hotel, until the staff cut him off around 2am. That was when Jack Bauer opened up a new front in the "war on Christmas" by attacking (without backup) the 12 foot Norwegian Spruce.
"I hate that f***ing Christmas tree...The tree HAS to come down...I'm smashing it - can I pay for it?" - Kiefer Sutherland
Bauer's assault was cut short around 5:30am, when hotel guests started to arrive for breakfast.


RFTR said...

Are we sure that Bauer attacked the tree? Maybe it was just his sidekick, and as such, a wholly unexpected casualty?

Anonymous said...

Are you blaming Jack's backup? They usually cannot avoid gunfire, let alone manage to take down a tree.

Maybe a CTU mole dressed like Bauer did it as to pin the whole thing on him.

RFTR said...

No, you misunderstood... I'm asserting that perhaps the tree WAS Jack's back-up. That would explain how it became a casualty, right?

Anonymous said...

Well yes, because Jack is an expert at thinning the ranks of backup agents at CTU.

That would make perfect sense...that the tree was there to backup Jack and ended up dead.

Update: a Kim Bauer mention was not included in this post, that was an oversight.

Buckaroo Banzai said...

Yet, strangely enough, the tree was 50 IQ points more intelligent than Kim.

Dionne said...

Wyatt is really asking for it isn't he??? Looks like he's wading into shark infested water with that comment :-).

I guess Kiefer is human after all. I guess its good to know he's not perfect.

RFTR said...

Little Miss: you should watch the Inside the Actors' Studio with Keifer.


RFTR said...

Oh, and he hates Bush.

But you know what? He's Canadian. So he can go ahead and shut the hell up.

Dionne said...

I saw a little of him on the Actor's Studio one time but I guess not the lunatic part. Doesn't surprise me.

I hate it when actors talk about their liberal politics. I would much rather have been in blissful ignorance than to know he hates Bush. Like Laura Ingraham says, "Shut-up and Sing".

Tyler said...

Is there an actor or actress that isn't a LUNATIC???

Well, not any good ones. (or hot ones.)

RFTR said...

Sure there is: this one.