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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

24: Liveblogging

24 Liveblogging: 7am-8am

7am: So Jack Bauer's replacement is Brian O'Conner?

7:15: No Bacardi and we have New Coke (Tyrese Gibson).

7:30: With the lack of terrorists in LA, 24 goes to Miami to battle illegal street racing? What the hell, is Tyler liveblogging this again?

Seriously, Fox has reached new lows for programming (if that's possible). One week after Jack Bauer takes down a sitting (technically he was standing) president and ended up being kidnapped by ninjas - Fox turns around and broadcasts 2Fast 2Furious in the 9pm slot! They could not find reruns from Who Wants to Marry a Midget to broadcast instead?

How many Monday's until January?

1 comment:

MJ06 said...

Jack Bauer doesnt have time to waste with illegal street raceing how ever I got to hand it to Watt Earp (I noticed it to) (I hope thats the right spelling of his name) The police cars that they had on 24 this season were beautiful extreamly cleaned and glissining so if Jack Bauer had one of those he definatly could chase after those illegal street racers. It would probably be a vacation for Jack after all he goes through.
Any how your right couldnt they show some reruns of Married with Children or Family guy or some thing