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Monday, May 22, 2006

See Jack Die?

Tonight! 2 hour 24 season finale!
Watch it on Fox, post about it here...It's like instant replay, but not really.


Anonymous said...

Question...who would win in a CTU versus Dark Ops confrontation Jack Bauer or Jason Bourne and explain training, experience level and tactics used.

Dionne said...

I'm bummed. They are having the series finale of Alias on tonight at the same time. Since it is the very last episode ever my friend and I are watching that so I will miss 24 liveblogging for the 3rd week in a row. Some things can't be helped. Although I will be putting in my last bid for how many people will die but as the odds have it I'm sure I'll be wrong again :-)!!

Anonymous said...

Jack Bauer...unlike Bourne - Bauer knows he's an ass-kicking killing machine.

firecaptian said...

Keifer is supposed to be the guest on last call with Carson Daily tonight for those interested

Malloy said...

I hope he strangles Carson Daly to death for the good of all humanity, which would be the equivalent to "bringing him to justice."

Anonymous said...

Help - is anybody recording this season?
I erased 2 episodes by mistake. I mail DVDs of 24 to troops in Afghanistan,hard core fans, and I don't know how to tell them...Can somebody help me me please?

tw111 said...

You can get all episodes on Ipod's Itunes podcasts, I think 1.99 per episode. I missed the very freakin' FIRst one, and got it that way.