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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

See Jack Kill

Click Here to download the complete stats behind The Jack Bauer Kill Counter.

With this knowledge you can impress your friends with mind numbing stats like:
-Jack Bauer killed an average of 1.4 people an hour
-Jack Bauer killed an average of 3 people an hour, in hours which Jack Bauer killed.
-Curtis killed only 2 more people than Jack's Cell Phone.

In other News
Blogs for House has launched. The Cranky Insomniac states that BfH is "The next great group blog" and "What Blogs4Bauer wishes it could be."

Jack Bauer would cure House of his infarction and then make him crippled, again. Jack would then make House swallow a towel.


Anonymous said...

Funny. Thanks for the linky lovin'. I don't think it's his hand that's the problem though.

Anonymous said...

It will be a problem if Jack Bauer wants it to be.

Anonymous said...

The only thing Jack Bauer wants is stronger King Fu. How many times did Henderson get the drop on him in one day? And c'mon, four chinese nationals in ski masks? Season 2 Jack Bauer would have only needed one hacksaw for all them.

And thanks for the linky love!

Andy Levy said...

The Cranky Insomniac trackbacked to this post from ....

Oh, wait...

Dammit, Chloe, there's no time!

Andy Levy said...

Based on the end of last night's episodes, Jack's gonna need some serious medical attention next season.

I smell crossover!

Anonymous said...

Crossover, crossover!! House, in one of his delusions, driven by after effects of the two bullets he took in the season finale, wakes up in the same labor camp as Jack next season. Two "enemy combatants" put to work for the People's Republic: House harvests organs from Falon Gong supporters in the prison camp, while Bauer is under training to become a Chinese double-agent. Can't wait!