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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Point: Dude, I wouldn't hit that, again.

Point: Dude, I Wouldn't Hit That, Again.
by Spenser Wolff

Yes, I "knocked boots" with the famous Chloe O'Brian, woop-de-doo. You must hate me because I was with Chloe O'Brian and the inner nerd inside you secretly hopes her career goes downhill so she's forced into nerd-porn. Well guys, I'll be the first to say that I would't hit that, again.

I knew Chloe was messed up when she kept asking me to do her "binary style". I tried to dismiss her cries for "Edgar" and even ignored it when she went cross-eyed midway through our dirty deed. Looking back, I should've asked for more money when Christopher Henderson got me into CTU as a mole to shack up with O'Brian. I was banging the hostess at Applebees before Henderson suckered me into this mission.

Some people at CTU think Chloe has Asperger syndrome, well I think she's just retarded. Do you know how long I had to hit on her to finally get a date? Then, the only way I got her to go out with me was to take her to see The Star Wars Kid when he spoke at a local Dairy Queen. Don't even ask me about Trek Week.

At the CTU Halloween Party, she had us go as Han Solo and Leia. Chloe was Han. Curtis, dressed as Lando Calrissian, openly mocked my cinnamon buns. Edgar went as Pilot Red Six. Dating Chloe O'Brian set my street rep back at least 15 years.

When I get out of jail, Chloe and I will never, ever have a future together. In fact, I wouldn't hit it with Behrooz's junk.

Counterpoint: A Guy Who Is Hung Like A Chinese Church-mouse Shouldn't Run His Pie-hole So Much
by Chloe O'Brian

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