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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Jack is Dead

Jack Is Dead
A reader sent us a link to more screen shots of the mysterious scribble on the back of a photo found in Edgar's possessions in the final episode of 24. It really does not take a CTU Agent to decipher the message, "Jack is Dead". I'm really surprised that Chloe did not pick up on it. Edgar was a mole.

Click Here for more on the codes.


RFTR said...

I think this whole thing is ridiculous. The note was written on a picture of Chloe and Edgar that could have been taken at any point prior to this past season. It may have been written after he faked his death, when everyone thought he WAS dead.

In fact, I half wonder if we went back to the end of last season you might spot someone jotting that note and handing it off to someone else to tell them that Jack is dead.

I think using this to predict anything from next season (particularly because the producers admitted that they'd started writing next season only last week) is just silly.

And Kim will be back in the first episode of next season. And Tony is still alive.

Anonymous said...

The mystery numbers above and to the right of the message are an LA-based phone number.

I may just have to call it out of curiosity ;)

pantrygirl said...

Finally a clear photo.

I had no idea Edgar was dyslexic. Between that and the lisp he must have been picked on alot as a kid.