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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Kill Counter Updated

Kill Counter Updated

Last night, Blogs4Bauer tried to spice things up with hosting duel-liveblogging manned by the "boring show prone" Tyler and one by RFTR. The idea worked and led to The Jack Bauer Kill Counter jumping to 281 (a 76% increase).

Having Tyler team up with RFTR led to an estimated 12 CTU guards getting dusted in the first 4 minutes alone! By the end of the night, The Jack Bauer Kill Counter topped off nearing 300. Until the writers of 24 clue us in on the total from the ambush and the sub attack, we have to go on the assumptions listed below.

Assumptions from last night:
-12 CTU Guards killed in the ambush.
-The Russian Sub Natalia was in fact the USS Topeka. We'll assume the sub was meant to be a Russian Oscar II class attack sub with a full crew of 107 men, who were gassed.


Anonymous said...

If the sub had a full crew, you'll have to factor in the presence of a US inspection team. That'll push the total over 107.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree...but only the skipper was shown. We are at the mercy of the 24 writers.

Anonymous said...

Agree with Nathan... full Russian crew, but plus 1 USN officer.

Anonymous said...

Maybe I am splitting hairs here, but when a vessel undergoes inspection or retrofitting, I believe the entire crew is not needed for such a job. Persons such as cooks and othet types of positions not needed for the retrofitting are not needed, so it is possibe that they were on shore leave. Just conjecture on my part though.