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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

JBAD - May 9th

Jack Bauer Appreciation Day is coming. May 9th.

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NDwalters said...

Oh heck yeah! Forget Carnival of Bauer, call it Bauerfest!

What would Jack Bauer do, at his own party?

Here are some games he may approve of.

Pin the grenade on the Nina
Shoot the Nina target
Will Chloe say that?
Truffle Shuffle Dance by Edgar
Cougar Decatholon- Kim must outrun a cougar.
Charles Logan Pinata swinging, followed by Nina Myers Pinata.

Anonymous said...

Dr. House made a Jack Bauer reference on the show tonight.

Mrs_Who said...

Does this mean we get to shoot someone?

Anonymous said...

Only in the thigh!