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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Lost in 24

Lost in 24

Are the producers of 24 trying to turn us into whisper-hearing Lost freaks?

From today's NY post:

On a scrap of paper - seen so briefly on TV it could only be read by eagle-eyed viewers who had posted the screen on the Internet - a seemingly random group of letters spells out "Jack is dead."

Update: I have zoomed in on the picture and decoded the message

The Llama Butchers have their own "Jack Is Dead" theories.
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pantrygirl said...

I had laser eye surgery recently and I still can't make out those letters.

Anyone have a clearer screenshot or a pair of bionic eyes I can borrow?

Andy Levy said...

Back off on Lost, pal...I don't wanna have to get all Chinese on your ass...

Andy Levy said...

VtK -

Excellent obscure Family Guy reference on your profile page.


Jim Pemberton said...

Better pics of the message