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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Carnival of Bauer Week 1

The Carnival of Bauer™!!! Week 1

This is the moment you've all been waiting for... the first ever edition of The Carnival of Bauer™!!!

We're starting out small, but hope to grow each week, so don't forget to submit for next week.

We had a couple of submissions reminiscent of the Blogs4Bauer Fight Club posts. Lawhawk presents an in-depth analysis of the rivalry of Jacks—Bauer vs. Bristow. What would happen if they got together in a CTU torture room? Visit A Blog For All to find out.

Next in the line of fight club challenges, we have Fausta looks at the modern, wimpy James Bond and concludes: Thank G-d there's Jack. Find out why at Fausta's Blog.

One of our more interesting submissions came from James at 24weblog. He offers exclusive photos taken on the set of 24, from the 1 AM to 2 AM hour (yes, that's several weeks away yet). Don't worry, there are no serious spoilers, so feel free to click through to 24weblog.

Justin Yarbrough has some slightly different pictures, that prompted him to ask some questions. He grabbed some screenshots from season 1 that create some confusion—click through and see if you can help him out.

P.J. Stewart, who seems like a serious fan to me, has a bone to pick that I think a lot of our regular visitors will agree with—he wants to know what could possibly possess the casting director to make him or her pick such awful love interests for Jack. He has a good suggestion, though, so take a look.

Jimmy K. at But That's Just My Opinion, however, compliments the writers on a particular female-related choice that he picked up on in this week's episode.

Speaking of this week's episode, Rick of Right Wing Nut House gives an extremely in-depth summary of and commentary on what he calls "The Great Middle Earth Meltdown." Lots of insightful comments, particularly concerning the Section 112 mutiny that we saw this week. Make sure you read all of this one—it's a keeper.

Likewise, SarahK offers what she calls her "super-funny recap of the episode." Personally, I don't think her nicknames are as witty as V the K's here at B4B, but she still got quite a few chuckles out of me. And it seems that she feels the way about Cola that I do about Kim.

Karen of Scottsdale points to some similarities between the plots of 24 and those of the original Star Trek series. Interesting theory, but I think it warrants a bit more analysis.

Pantrygirl knows that it's a fictional show, but just can't resist the temptation to write an angry letter to President Weasel—at least I think that's who she's talking to. For some reason she keeps calling him "Logan," whatever that means. She offers some other brief comments as well.

Jwookie was excited to see Kim in the previews for next week, and calls us out on stringing everyone along with our constant guarantees that "this is the week" that Kim would return. Yeah, well, blame Fox for paying me a lot of money wishful thinking.

Joshua Sharf reads way too much news, but found an interesting pattern developing. Apparently, life really does imitate art.

Let's hope that isn't 100% true, however—we certainly don't want life imitating this bit of freaky fiction from Dennis York. Seriously, don't click that link if you are disturbed by pictures of fetuses, or the idea of the unborn offspring of Jack Bauer thwarting an attempted abortion. Disturbing doesn't begin to describe it...

Craig wants to share his joy that the first Wikipedia edit he ever made was 24-related. Click through for details.

And, finally, Little Miss Chatterbox, one of our most frequent visitors here at B4B, wants to share an explanation for her love of 24 that she penned before the current season began. It's touching, really.

So, that's it for this week's edition of the Blogs4Bauer Carnival of Bauer™!!! Thanks for joining us! We will be back next Thursday, have your posts in by 11:59pm on Wednesday. Send Jack Bauer an email if you would like to host an upcoming Carnival.
Please make sure to visit our sponsor, Catscape Tees, who proudly supports the Carnival of Bauer™!!!.


Fausta said...

Excellent job, Jack! Thank you.

Karen of Scottsdale said...

thanks for including me

Dionne said...

I appreciate being included and like the descriptions. Even though mine was dripping with sarcasm on being "touching" :-).

Unknown said...

Okay, I admit. I am probably the only person reading this blog who thinks S4GF is hot. But damn, that photo comparison that PJ put up is freakin hilarious.

Anonymous said... are probably right.

Dionne said...

By the way when I linked to Blogs4Bauer for the carnival I specifically mentioned you RFTR :-).