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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Don't Forget The Carnival of Bauer™!!!

Today is your last opportunity to submit an entry for the second edition of the Carnival of Bauer™!!! All entries must be in by midnight tonight! That's only 7 hours and 6 minutes away!!!

A reminder of the requirements:
  • Posts must be 24-related;
  • Posts must be more than just a summary of a particular episode (commentary, analysis, humorous summary, etc. is acceptable); and,
  • Posts must satisfy our high standards (they can't suck)
So if you've got a post that you want included in this week's edition of The Carnival of Bauer™, then send:
  • The title of the post;
  • A permalink to the post;
  • Your name (blog pseudonyms are acceptable);
  • Your email address; and
  • A brief summary of the content of the post (don't make it more than a couple of sentences or I'll ban you from the Carnival of Bauer™ forever).
to with the subject line "Carnival of Bauer" and you will be included.

You can also use the button below to submit.
Blog Carnival submission form - carnival of bauer!!!

So if you've posted, don't forget: everyone must submit to The Carnival of Bauer™!!! Jack's orders!

And don't forget to check back here tomorrow for the Carnival.

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