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Monday, March 13, 2006


You won't see Edgar Stiles.

You won't see Kim's navel.

You won't see Jack kick any dogs.

You won't see Tony play "slap and tickle" with any nurses in the CTU clinic.

You won't see Bill Buchanan loosen his tie.

You won't see Audrey's nose get any shorter.

You won't see Edgar Stiles (said that already)

You won't see Chloe getting annoyed with Edgar. (He's dead)


Anonymous said...

Put down Bea Arthur as something you will probably not see on 24 tonight.

CGrim said...

You won't see Chloe getting annoyed with Edgar. (He's dead)

For some reason this made me laugh. :D I think there's something wrong with me.

Anonymous said...

Maureen Stapleton will not be appearing tonight, either:>1=7701

Not a VOJ(victim of Jack) as far as we know.

Anonymous said...

i hope it's not buchanan just because i like him, but then tony could come back and take over. that also puts the triumverate back in the lead: jack, chloe, and tony.

they have to bring tony back somehow. he could take over for edgar.

maybe they'll try to make up for their casting mistake and kill off kim. they could also kill of audrey and in the end jack will return to 'his family' with whom he stayed while dead.

killing any one of them could lead to many storyline possibilities.

Dionne said...

I'm watching La Femme Nikita on DVD and Joel Surnow did this show before 24. Roy Dupuis (one of the main actors on the show) got offered a part in this season of 24 but he turned it down. Bummer because then I would've had more than just Jack & Tony to look forward too :-).

RFTR said...

How do you know we won't see Kim's navel? Maybe they'll need her shirt to help seal the room?? Maybe???? We can hope, right??!

CGrim said...

"maybe they'll try to make up for their casting mistake and kill off kim."

Huh? this sentence does not compute.

mizerock said...

Chloe might still be annoyed by Edger - posthumously

"why did he have to be so stupid???"

voiceboy said...

Chloe still has to drag Edgar's carcass off of her station chair.

Anonymous said...

Just wait till CTU clears Edgar's Internet Explorer history...animal porn, that's gross Edgar.