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Friday, March 31, 2006

Chloe's Limbaugh Lust

Top 10 Signs Chloe Is Obsessed with Rush Limbaugh

1. In moments of passion with Spencer called out "Dittos! Ditto! Mega-Dittos!"

2. CTU's New Top Terror Priority: Femi-Nazis.

3. Left buttock, Pittsburgh Steeler's tattoo. Right buttock, Ronald Reagan.

4. Orders Jack Bauer to bring in Al Franken to CTU for deep interrogation.

5. Caught in CTU break room practicing sign language for "Spank me, big daddy!"

6. As Cen-Tox gas fumes filled CTU, sent final IM "If I don't make it, tell Rush I love him."

7. On open-line Friday, someone has hacked into the system and only "Potato Face From Los Angeles" can get through.

8. NORAD computers hacked. Chappaqua, NY "accidentally" targeted for nuclear strike.

9. Shows up at CTU wearing his varsity jacket

10. Appears on Dr. Phil's "I Am Obsessed with Rush Limbaugh" episode.

(Rush Limbaugh's interview with Joe Surnow, including the real reason Truffle Shuffle was iced, is at Rush Limbaugh dot com)


Anonymous said...

What about the golden microphone that Chloe has installed at her "workstation"?

Anonymous said...

What about an addiction to illegal drugs?

Dionne said...

I loved this. Awesome post V the K!!!

Dionne said...

I'm so bummed that I missed hearing this today but glad you did this post so I could find the link. Thanks.

Buckaroo Banzai said...

Signing "Spank me, big daddy?"

You're a sick bastard, V!

Unknown said...

when it comes to the varsity, you, SIR! are uninteruppted in banal, juivenile shit.

(massive golf stands fans clapping ensues)

Bleacher Creatures will deal with you later... when the weather gets warm.

Unknown said...

And "yes" my spellcheck is busted.