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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Go here to view my humble and inadequate efforts to summarize last night's show. A small sample to make you sick to your stomach:

With Collette's immunity deal signed, sealed, and delivered, making the terrorist covergirl untouchable, Bill argues against shooting up Audrey and gets off the best line of the night: "We can torture our own people but we can't torture a criminal?"

Bill has worked for the government long enough to know that this is precisely the kind of bureaucratic logic that has made our country what it is today.

Speaking of bureaucrats, Miles warns Grandma Hayes of the consequences to her ample posterior if things go south and she is accused of inaction in the case of Audrey. Jack warns her of the consequences of torturing the Secretary of Defense's daughter which, if Audrey is innocent, could also be hazardous to Granny's bureaucratic derriere. Instead of making a decision, Granny punts. She tells Jack he can go ahead and question Audrey but that Agent Burke should standby to administer his medicine.


Anonymous said...

I love bill buchanan. he'd make a much better president than logan.

MJ06 said...

Buchanan is like the most compitent and real supervisor they every had. Not like Drisscel (wrong spelling) and her nephew Agent Castel.
I wish these home land security punks would realise that Jack Bauer does not give a flyin $&%! what they think and that there actually in the way and dont know the first thing about national security.