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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Point- 24:The Game will lead to more violence

Point- 24:The Game Will Lead to More Violence

Ever since our son, Albert Arnold Gore III quit selling drugs, we have sought out wholesome outlets for his wild impulses. When Al informed Al and I that he wanted 24: The Game, we looked into it and were outraged at what we found. This is just another violent video game that will lead kids to stir up trouble. Who wants their young boy emulating Jack Bauer's violent behavior, Tony's drug use, or Kim Bauer's promiscuity? If Al Gore III cannot buy this game, then neither should you.

When I first heard he wanted to buy a game called "24: The Game", I thought it was a math game about the uses for the number 24. I imagined him playing his Xbox while learning that 6x4 = 24. For Pete's sake, we just found a Nick Lachey CD in his room now we have to be on the lookout for violent video games and other filth as well! I should get the people from PMRC and go have a little sitdown with this Jack Bauer character, whoever he is.

Al wants to say something.

"Grrrrrrr.....Bush probably helped produce this game with his friends...uhh I mean our friends The Saudis. That's why they drive non-hybrid SUVs in 24: The Game. Ahhhhh. Why doesn't Jack drive a Toyota Prius instead? Go see my movie. Ahhh."

Thanks honey bear. It's time we got real with video game content and its effect on my kids. I hear that video game makers have already put out a volleyball game with nudity, what's next? Boobie Tetris? Homicidal PacMan?

Tipper Gore
Second Lady (1993-2001)

P.S. - Help me rid us of Jack Bauer by boycotting The Carnival of Bauer!!!

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RFTR said...

I've played boobie tetris. Every time you get a line, a little more of a picture is revealed next to the game... and in boobie tetris, that picture is pornographic.

It looses its luster after about 2 minutes, though.

Anonymous said...

Kim is promiscous? Where does the line form?