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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Review - 24: The Game
Yes, I know the game was just released, but I convinced myself that its purchase could be a write-off. "They just write it off." - Cosmo Kramer. And, being the 24 shill that I am, I ran out to the nearest retailer . . . for you. Besides, my weekly earnings from SYLG provide with more money than mere mortals can imagine. But I digress.

My version is for the PS2 . . . since I own a PS2. Isn't logic neat? I took 24:The Game for a test run last night, and played through the first level. (In the game, levels are broken into hours, complete with the official 24 digital clock. Keen!) My first reaction was "Kickass!" Most of the actors lent their vocal talents to the game, including Kiefer Sutherland, Dennis Haysbert, and Mary-Lynn Rajskub. Yes, Chloe!!! Even Elisha Cuthbert is involved; hopefully her voice acting is much better than her live acting. Ugh.

The story begins at the L.A. docks, where Jack and a CTU assault team are searching a ship chock full of guns and ricin. Mmm . . . ricin; the San Francisco Treat! The graphics are more than adequate, and the controls flow easily enough. Targeting was especially easy in the first go-round, which is terrific, since there was a lot of bloodshed in my first game.

And therein lies the fun: bloodshed. (If you don't watch the violence, you'll never get de-sensitized to it!) Weapons are bountiful in 24: The Game, and you can be as ruthless or gentle (read: liberal) as you like with them. At least twice, I accidentally shot a man I just handcuffed. Oops, my bad!

Overall, after only one level - I wanted to get the cursory review out post haste - 24:The Game has almost everything a gamer/fan of the show could want. My only complaint was with the character bios: they say that David Palmer was a Democrat! Damn.


Justin said...

Palmer's always been a Dem... he was in the Democrat primary after all...

Think about this, Logan's a Republican.

Anonymous said...

Can we call Logan an Independent?

Wyatt - Will you be liveblogging level 2?

Rob said...

I've got Level 1 "liveblogged": 24: The Game -- 0600-0700. I am preparing to blog level 2. Level three I got into a car wreck and lost the bad guy, so I'll have to try that level again. There are apparently 24 levels (big surprise there), but the game is easy enough that I think I can beat it with some practice. Blogging the storyline is difficult, and requires that I replay the level several times. This should help.

Rob of UnSpace

Dionne said...

I picked up that Palmer was a dem in the first season but my point is he sure never acted like a democrat. And Logan is his own special breed of loser!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Of course Palmer was a democratm remember his proposed healthcare bill in season 3?

Craig K said...

Palmer is a dem (which is awesome) yet alot of times throughout the show he does wear a red tie, confusing...Anyways, I understand the distate for Logan being that they write the script that way for his character, but please do not take away credit from Gregory Itzkin's more than stellar acting job in making 24 fans just like yourselves really really hate him. As for a replacement, the VP doesn't seem much better. That's why I say:

Mike Novick for President!

Albert said...

is this game just 4 PS2?

Rob said...


As near as I can tell, it's just for PS2. If they plan to port it to another machine, they aren't saying now.

Pick up a used PS2 at a Game Stop and a used copy of the game and you won't spend that much.

Rob of UnSpace