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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Edgar Weighs Down The Kill Counter

Edgar Weighs Down the Kill Counter

Can you believe it? They killed off Truffle Shuffle!

Last night's episode also featured the untimely death of many people we have grown accustomed to seeing walking around in the background at CTU. Here's to your Mr. and Ms. Random CTU Employee.

But come on people, it's harder to get into an IHOP than it is to infiltrate CTU. It was only a matter of time before a mole decided to thin the payroll at America's worst terror fighting force (except for Team Bacardi & Cola). We still don't know the full body count from the gas attack, so we went low with 7.

After the double-episode, The Jack Bauer Kill Counter jumped up 14, but doubled in weight. With such a high number, it could only mean one thing: Kim Bauer is back!


NDwalters said...

Well, here's to you, the Random CTU Employee.

Whether you're at a computer terminal, taking abuse from stupid superiors, walking with papers and PDAs, or being a Red Shirt security guard, you're invaluable. Sadly, you're also bullet, gas, or bomb fodder.

These folks have shorter timespan than the no-name Security on Star Trek.

'Wait, I don't a have a nametag! I'm dead! I'm screwed!'
'Maybe you're just the plucky comic relief that has a recurring role.'- Galaxy Quest.

Nope, they're dead. From Agent Castle to No-name guy last night, to Carrie and Edgar, we salute the brave and frequently killed folks at CTU.

I do have one question. HOW THE HELL ARE THEY STILL HIRING PEOPLE AT CTU, IN LA? Between bombings, shootings, and a nerve gas attack, would you want to work there?

I bet Monster is where they get their folks from.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't Dedgar just use his enormous weight and push down on the canister lid? Think of all the people he could've saved...including himself! He would've been a hero and maybe gotten both Chloe AND Audrey.

But all he got was dead.

Francesco Poli said...

Just finished the game... final kill tally (Michelle + Tony + Jack + Kim + Chase): 594

Including one "hour" where Bauer alone offs 90+ baddies.

Beat that, show.

CGrim said...

I find it ironic that Edgar died while Chloe's studboy likely roams free... :)

Anonymous said...

Unless Studboy was taken to another prison, he likely died in his cell (which may be better than sleeping with Chloe)