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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Carnival of Edgar!!!

This week's Carnival of Bauer™!!! is dedicated to Edgar Stiles, who was fat. In memory of Truffle Shuffle, Blogs4Bauer hereby renames this week's CoB™!!! to The Carnival of Edgar™!!!

The Carnival of Bauer™!!! will return in Jack's name next week, unless Kim is killed off by the nerve gas or a cougar hell-bent on revenge (whichever gets her first). In the case of Kim's hot death, we will have a Carnival of Kim™!!! If Barry dies, we will do a happy dance and there will be no need to rename The Carnival of Bauer™!!!

Make sure you pay your last respects to Truffle Shuffle at our Online Wake for Edgar Stiles.

Our first entry of the week comes from Steve at ThoughtsOnline. His 24isms post includes a claim that Edgar's system is fatter than IBMs fattest supercomputer. Duh.

Behold...The Five Stages of Grief over the death of Edgar Stiles.

Emperor Misha I posts the longest recap of 24...ever. Here are a couple snippets from the post "becomes clear that" and "awkward conversation mainly". Misha not like Edgar.

Jeff from Peace Like a River posts recaps of hours 4-5 and 5-7. He hints at a romantic link between Audrey and Edgar. That's just gross, Edgar can...uhh could have done much better.

Radioactive Liberty has another recap of the double-showing of 24, along with Edgar's demise with a mouthful of ho-hos.

When you attack CTU, you are only going to make Jack Bauer mad. But make sure you watch your step, there are dead bodies (some rather large) everywhere.

Jack Bauer is God? I guess Edgar will need all the connections he can get.

Ever what would happen if Jack Bauer wondered onto Wisteria Lane? David at Random Nuclear Strikes thinks Eva Longoria could take Jack. This is, if Edgar hadn't notified Jack of the threat beforehand by monitoring Eva's cell phone and peeking in her windows.

Helskel over at The Rubber Wall posts some hot shots of Kim. Edgar was not hot.

Pantrygirl is obsessed with 24 and posts her thoughts on Edgar's passing among other things. She really needs help with that 24 habit.

Speaking of obsession, this chick is way into the violent side of 24. She mourns Edgar and "nose" that Audrey is next.

Karen has learned a few things while watching 24. Not drinking Edgar's blood because it looks and tastes like maple syrup, is not one of them.

What is it with all these chicks watching 24? This one hates Kim (blasphemy) and hopes Cola will save Truffle Shuffle. Even with Team Bacardi & Cola, Truffle is toast.

Dennis is Provoking the Muse. In his spare time, he predicts what is next for 24, including a wish that Chloe goes nuts to avenge Edgar's death.

Rick at Right Wing Nuthouse has a great rundown of the show, with a list of Constitutional Rights Violated (killing off the fat guy is not one of them).

The security problems at CTU could be solved by one person (not Edgar). That person, Lawhawk has the solution - outsourcing to Initech.

Do you know what will happen next on 24? Jimmyk posts the future of 24, which Edgar is not a part of.

Timmay notes that everyone freakin dies on 24, even Edgar. He's also going to post a video titled "24 Minutes", which will be like "60 minutes", minus the bullshit.

What better way to end this montage o'Edgar than with a song about Truffle Shuffle? Natalie at Mini-Obs presents Uncle Edgar.

That's it for the 2nd installment of Carnival of Bauer™!!!, which was renamed The Carnival of Edgar™!!! for this week.

In all seriousness, we all are guilty for making cruel fat jokes about Edgar, butt there is an obesity problem in this country and fat people have no role models on the television. Edgar, the kid from 2 and a Half Men, and Andy Milonakis are all these lardasses have to look up to. God bless you Edgar, I hope you have a nice time in CTU Heaven, Kim will be there shortly (if she can find it).

We'll be back next week, so keep the submissions coming.

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