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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Okay...time to get your groove on people.

Let's examine where we are and try and figure out where we're headed, shall we?

* Is Audrey in the clear? No need to remind readers here of Nina Meyers who was fingered half-way through Season I only to wiggle out of it by falsifying some records. There are still a lot of clues pointing to the Department of Defense as a hotbed of traitorous activity.

* Is the Department of Homeland Security part of the plot? Miles as a mole is too obvious but that doesn't clear DHS completely.

* Did anyone else wonder why Bierko needed "schematics and access codes" for a target where he needed an employee of the gas company to help him release the gas? After offing the guard, the terrorists used a key to open the door so they didn't need access codes for that. And schematics? Bierko had to ask the gas company employee to take him to the control room. In short, where is the next attack going to be?

* WTF is Sherry's problem?

* Finally, will Diane and her son reappear at some extremely inappropriate time in the near future just in time to get kidnapped or placed in mortal danger so that Jack has to leave Audrey in order to save them?

Just wondering...


Anonymous said...

There are still a lot of clues pointing to the Department of Defense as a hotbed of traitorous activity.

How about a defense contractor who set off an attack on the United States to start a war. Whoa. Sounds like a Michael Moore book.

Anonymous said...

My wild guesses at the answers, and please excuse the bandwith hogging:

Is Audrey in the clear? Nope.

Is DHS part of the plot? Probably not...but I suspect the female DHS bureaucrat who just took over CTU is.

What's the next target? No idea...and more to the point: Since the terrorists used all the remaining gas in the strike at the distribution center, how will they carry it out?

WTF is wrong with Sherry? Well, since all the women in "24" are either (a)evil; (b) crazy; and/or (c)stupid; we just have to pick a category for her. I'm tentatively classifying Sherry as (b) with a touch of (c).

Will Diane and her son return to the series just in time to get kidnapped? I doubt it. Personally, I'm thinking that a few episodes down the road Kim will answer a knock on her door...and find Traitor Robocop standing there with a gun saying "I'm all wet; can I come in?"

Which is what usually happens when somebody has a personal grudge against Jack, isn't it?

--LC Wes, Imperial Mohel

Barry Wallace said...

I think plot-wise Audrey is cleared. However, her dad is not.

My big question is: Why was Henderson suddenly tied to Colette? Yes, her name was in his laptop, but her job was to broker the sale of the schematics from the DOD operative to Bierko. Are we to assume Henderson not only sold them the nerve gas, but set up the deal to give them the plans to the natural gas farm?

It just seems they jumped to the conclusion Henderson was pulling her strings a little quick.

The nerve gas plot is over - all the canisters were released. I don't think we have any reason to believe Bierko had a change of heart and held one or two back, since he wanted the maximum range of casualties.

We won't see Diane and Derek again until maybe the last episode, if then.

David Golden said...

Diane & Derek are having a late dinner with Behrooz at In 'n' Out.

I don't think Chloe is a, b, or c. She might fit (d)socially inept and (e) recklessly loyal to Jack.

Mongo said...

Naw, Audrey needs to be iced.. She is not hot enough for Jack, and she couldn't act her way through a wet paper bag.

voiceboy said...

Biff is in cahoots with the Veep, he is the mastermind behind this to take over from Weasel and go Martian cross-country if he wants.Shaft Palmer has the goods to make the connect, Biff,Veep,Collette,Bierko,His brother's murderer, alll in one package. And,ya,too much fore-shadowing of how close Biff and Kim were to let that go,he will have his hands on her soon enough and he still might remember the bullet Jack put in his wife's thigh.

NDwalters said...

Audrey may be cleared of wrongdoing, for now, but you know she's gonna do something bad. Or her dad will. Remember Secretary Heller from Season 4? He's supposedly coming back.

I think DHS is not a conspirator, but while Frau Blucher is suspect, the real mole could be Mr. Tie and Shirt, aka DHS Creep.

No more gas, but that does not mean that DOD or some traitor in the US won't supply another weapon. Remember that nuke coming out at the end of Season 4?

Sherry? Cute and crazy. Probably obsessive compulsive disorder with a touch of paranoia.

Diane and her son may be history. If they aren't back now, they're goooooone. Kim, she's gonna get in trouble. Whether it's a loose cougar from the LA Zoo or tracking one of Dr. Claw's men, Penny, oops, Kim Bauer will get in trouble with no Brain to save her.
Forget Inspector Gadget, try Go go Bauer's Bullets.

My predictions- Henderson DIES and he dies rather violently. Bierko, he dies after Jack gets to thoroughly interrogate him. Step aside Burke, let Bauer do this. Audrey leaves, out of fear for her life and being upset at Jack dragging her into the world of terrorism. Logan steps down. VP Gardner resigns or is fired/arrested. Novick gets bumped up somehow. Pierce gets shot, but lives. Wayne lives. Chloe lives. Blucher is jailed. Tie Boy gets offed.

Anonymous said...

> Since the terrorists used all the remaining gas in the strike

Are we sure they used it all? Did anyone count the cannisters? I don't have a recording of the show to check. I GOTTA get me a DVR.

al said...

Sherry is just nuts. I've seen women like that in the workplace. Stay far, far away.

As for the cannisters I checked my VCR (computer tied up doing other things) and it looks like 16 or 18 canisters were used in the mixing room. If someone can see how many were in the cart then we'll know for sure.

tuffbeingright said...

>>will Diane and her son reappear at some extremely inappropriate time

I was thinking this myself. I believe we have not seen the last of JB's early-hour love interest and her son. I believe they will reappear shortly after Audrey doubles over with cramps and morning sickness. JB will be forced to realize he is a father again when Audrey's fetus taps out "check the air ventilation system at LAX" in morse code against her uterine wall.