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Monday, March 27, 2006

Stupid 24 Questions

Instead of trying to outrun the van full o' thugs, why didn't Wayne Palmer simply hit the brakes?

Who had to collect the corpses at CTU? Thirty minutes after the nerve gas attack, there wasn't a body to be found.

Why do we never see CTU personnel going to court? I'm a detective in Philly, and I am in court almost every day. CTU must arrest some people, right?

Will anyone be brave enough to tell Jack that his canvas satchel looks queer?


Dionne said...

I'm with you. I want an answer to all 4 of those questions.

Anonymous said...

"Will anyone be brave enough to tell Jack that his canvas satchel looks queer?"

HAHAHAHA! riiiiiiight, i'm gonna have to go ahead and say a no on that one, yeeeah nobody criticizes The Jack. The Jack will own you. be afraid.

MJ06 said...

Hey every one a heavily armored Ford van can out run a Mercedes Benz how come Ford does not use that in their commercials.

lawhawk said...

About those corpses. They've still gotta be contaminated with nerve gas and handled properly otherwise they'll cause others to succumb from the gas. It's not like they can simply scoop and run.

As for CTU going to court, they are above the law, over it. They are the MIB of the US government. If you don't believe me stare right into this flashy thingy and it will explain all...


See, told you that you'd know all.

Anonymous said...

Re the ManPurse:

BRAVE enough... you mean foolish/stupid/clueless/suicidal enough, right?

Anonymous said...


' There is no lawyer.... there's jus' you and me '........

Mark K. Sprengel said...

Lawyers? pfft - Jack killed them all. Shakespeare got the idea from Jack.