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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Point: CTU needs better training for their security guards before something bad happens

**Each week, Blogs4Bauer has a debate around various aspects of the show 24. One side gives a point and the other side gives a rebuttal. The inspiration came from The Onion's point/counterpoint series. The opinions expressed are that of the staff here at B4B and if you disagree, suck it. **

Point: CTU needs better training for their security guards before something bad happens

I'm just a security guard here at CTU, not a mind reader. How was I supposed to know that Samwise had his keycard stolen by his sister and John McCain? There is no way I would have known that later, a terrorist killed Samwise's sister and John McCain, reprogrammed the stolen keycard, and was carrying a canister of nerve gas? CTU really needs to institute a training program for us Red Shirts before something bad happens.

Seriously, they don't train us for situations like this. You should see the CTU Security Guard Training Manual. You can find more helpful information on a can of Diet Coke than in the crappy training manual. Plus, they hire just about anyone they can find to don "the red shirt". Hell, I was emptying the trashcans at CTU a few months ago and some HR person asked me if I wanted to carry a gun. "Hell yah" was my reply, but they didn't tell me the guards at CTU only carry fake guns. Yeah, the guns are made of rubber and wobble when you draw them, it is actually quite comical. That's why I almost wet my pants when Samwise told us to shoot Token if he drew his weapon. I am pretty sure Token had a real gun. What was I going to do, throw my "gun" at him?

What is that alarm about? Ah, just ignore it. Someone was probably smoking in the restroom again.

Let's move on to our stupid uniforms. These red shirts make us look like are guarding the food court at Target. They don't even let us have nametags on our uniforms; HR said something about having too much turnover.

That's weird, Edgar is running? That guy needs to run more than anyone around here, for sure. Run Forrest...ack...Run aacck.

Anyway, you know what would improve the morale...ackkkk....of the Red Shirts around here? A union, acckk....what is going on? Damn Edgar, for the last time - light a match.... accckkk

Counterpoint: My teenage daughter could have stopped every incursion into CTU!

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Doesn't matter. You just all died.