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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Carnival of Life

*As heard on Instapundit and Instapundit's 3/22 Podcast (26:20 into the podcast)

The Carnival of Bauer™!!! Week 4

Tony's still not dead, for those of you who are curious. And, strangely, neither was anyone else this week. Seriously, isn't this show supposed to be written for the bloodthirsty among us? Why has it been so long since Jack killed anyone? More importantly, why was there no death whatsoever in this week's episode?

Consider this the Carnival of Life™

While we're on the subject of life, I should warn you that the Carnival of Bauer™ may be short-lived. I've gotten simply too busy at work to keep up the carnival myself, so I need your help.

Here's what you can do: volunteer! Uncle Jack wants you!

If you'd be willing to host a Carnival of Bauer™ in the future, send an email to Jack Bauer and volunteer your services. We are going to turn this into a rotation, so even if you can't do it next week, send Jack an email and let him know what week you can do it. Then the only deaths we'll have to see will be on 24 (assuming they ever kill anyone again), and not this blog.

Emperor Misha I, at Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler, echoes my complaint about no death, asking So When Will The Killing Start? Honestly, why didn't the writers have Jack go hunt Kim's new boyfriend as soon as he got out of CTU? Or couldn't he have killed the German? Then nobody would know that he'd broken his "wet list" promise.

Karen of Scottsdale, on time this week, gives us The View from [her] Chair, commenting on this week's episode. Interesting thoughts, but I think she's wrong on one point: Jack's betrayal of the Kraut was not a surprise. I expected the chip to fry the guy's Treo in more of a digital fashion (self-corrupting data, a virus, something like that), not, you know, actually fry it—but still, I think a lot of us saw that coming.

John Hollandsworth at Light along the Journey waxes way too philosophic for my 24-related tastes, commenting on the line "Everyone Is For Sale." It's interesting—just don't expect to laugh at this one.

FIAR at Radioactive Liberty should be more careful about his posts. He points out some things he doesn't like about 24, which is fine. But if Jack heard him, he might be in some serious trouble...

Pantrygirl at Now What? has lots to say about this week's episode. She starts out with a bang, stating:
If Audrey is the mole, my dog is an Interpol operative.
If you read the whole thing, you'll also find out that she's got the hots for the German intelligence guy—now that he's dumped Collette, I think she should go for it.

Jwookie at Cake or Death (they're out of cake) does his weekly thing. He's pretty sure that Audrey is the mole (I'm selling tickets to the fight between Jwookie and Pantrygirl), and that Tony is dead (Pantrygirl will win at the last second as I intervene to strike Jwookie down).

And it looks like Justin at Justin's Random Thoughts will support the Pantrygirl coalition of the willing. He thinks the "Audrey-as-traitor" concept is BS.

Rob Carr of UnSpace is still playing 24:The Game, and offers up his liveblog of the second hour. I haven't read it, because I'm sure there are spoilers—but you should go right ahead.

Nat, at Mini-Obs, offers her 13 favorite lines from 24. There are definitely some good ones in there.

Lawhawk of A Blog For All thinks that Jack Bristow might have some advice for Jack Bauer. Maybe Jack should spend more of his time looking for medieval super-weapons?

And finally, a shameless plug for The Man, of both GOP and the City and Blogs4Bauer, who has an amusing What Would Jack Do annecdote.

And that's it for The Carnival of Life™, you bloodthirsty warmongers. I know you're disappointed that no one died in the making of this Carnival of Bauer™.

Make sure you read what everyone has to say, and if you enjoy any of it, give us a link. We provide the Carnival of Bauer™ each week as a public service, but we need your help spreading the word that it's here. Feel free to use this image:

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Anonymous said...

Dina Araz is Back!!!!!!!!! She was on ER Thursday night, she must have ran off to Chicago after all that went down in LA, she's still whinny, she had a daughter who was stabbed in an honor killing, and her son did look a lot like Berhooz.

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »