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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Edgar's Last Minute

Edgar's Last Minute

Fox's 24 site has a bit on "Death by Nerve Gas" following the gassing of 40% of CTU. In the segment, they list the various symptoms of nerve gas poisoning - starting with blurred vision and ending with suffocation.
It doesn't explain why Edgar is holding one of his man-boobs as he went down.

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NDwalters said...

Grabbing his man breasts? Looks a tad low, more like his gut.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, I just wanted to use the word "man-boobs" in a post.

Jeff Kouba said...

I am grateful FOX didn't include the, uh, bodily functions as part of the nerve gas effects... Pink foamy mouths was quite enough, thank you.

Wyatt said...

NDwalters - Yes, it was low, but it was definitely man-boobs.

Edgar needed "The Bro."

Dionne said...

Okay, Wyatt--that made me LOL. The bro, yes indeed :-)!!

Rob said...

Clutching the chest would be one reaction to the nerve agent.

Not all nerve agents behave this way, BTW.

Dumb question? Why not have the guy in Medlab pump himself and everyone in the room full of atropine from the crash cart, go through a homemade airlock at the door using plastic curtains and chucks and duct tape, run to where the antidote and masks are stored, and then rescue everyone?

Crash carts are loaded with atropine, and if CTU's crash cart isn't, they're idiots because of the possibility of nerve gas or other poisons that respond to atropine.

Rob of UnSpace

fmragtops said...

In some of the "Response to WMD Incidents" Classes I've taken, they described death by VX nerve gas is much more like what you see in The Rock. The convulsions are so hard that you break your spine, etc. Then again, it would be hard for Truffle-Shuffle to convulse that hard.