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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tony is not dead

Tony is not dead
"But, but, but... they pulled a sheet over him!"

So what? Since when does pulling a sheet over someone make them dead? I pull a sheet over myself every night, and I'm not dead yet. (Or maybe I am and I'm typing to you from beyond the graaave... whooooooooooo...)

Moving on, pulling a sheet over someone does not a dead body make. Just look at President Palmer! They pulled a sheet over him over 12 hours ago, and now we've got his brother Wayne trying to get to the sitting President to let him know that the whole thing was staged.

Mark my words: Palmer and Tony will both return... as sheet ghosts!

Either that, or Palmer was written out of the show so that he could film that new PoS "The Unit", and Tony was written out so he could star in... um...

See?? He can't possibly be dead, because he doesn't have another project coming up on IMDB.

Edgar has more coming.
Michelle likewise has more coming.
Palmer has "The Unit" (but isn't actually dead).
Samwise has a ton, including one called "Cowboys for Christ." (Weird)
Even Kim had a reason to be written off.

Tony's got nothing—hence, no reason for the writers to kill him, hence he's not dead.


Anonymous said...

Putting Palmer and Tony in a white sheet with holes cut out?
Are they riding horses and burning crosses to boot? Is Senator Byrd going to ride with them?

Anonymous said...

Even the Catscape T-shirt girl thinks Tony is dead.

Anonymous said...

"Tony's got nothing—hence, no reason for the writers to kill him, hence he's not dead."

Maybe. Maybe not.

Rumor has it that there is a new, 24-themed, version of "Hollywood Squares" in the works.

With most of the dead cast members working steadily, the time may just be right for a little Alameida-in-the-middle. We're talking center square baby.

Anonymous said...

As a doornail.

Anonymous said...

My inside source said that the actors playing Tony, Michelle and Palmer all asked for too much money in their contract renewals, hence, they were written (killed) out of the show. Makes sense to me. I think it's too goofy to make both of them come back from the dead. This is not "Days of Our Lives"....Not that I've ever watched that show, I just hear that people come back from the dead often.

Anonymous said...

"Cowboys for Christ"? Is that the Brokeback Mountain sequal?

Anonymous said...

Tony's dead, check out the release date for this:

He's dead Jim!