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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Somebody's Gonna Die

Somebody's Gonna Die.

The "Next Week on '24'" Previews told us that "one of these character is going to die" and quickly flashed a montage:

Who's going to die between the hours of 7:00 and 8:00?

Tony Almeida
Jack Bauer
Kim Bauer
Bill Buchanan
Tom Green
Lyn MacGill
Chloe O'Brian
Audrey Raines

OK, So Who Buys It? Who's going to join Edgar in that Deluxe Apartment in the sky?


Natsthename said...

It's gotta be McGill, since he's the one responsible for the gas getting into CTU. I say, "Rudy, Rudy, RUDY!"

bigfoot780 said...

LOGAN please LOGAN please

Anonymous said...

I think its gonna be tony...he's gonna get something from Henderson and then tell jack...and then peg it...but lynn second if tony

Denis E. Ambrose, Jr. said...

Tom Green; why else introduce him except for Jack to throw him into the nerve gas for dating his daughter?

Dionne said...

I think Ponyboy (Tom Green) is going to bite the dust next week. I only wish it could be Logan, that would be too good to be true, except the VP looks like a jerk also. Too bad we can't bring back David Palmer, sigh........

Anonymous said...

Stop sniffing the gas people. Kim has only signed on for a few episodes...Jack gets in trouble, Kim sacrifices herself and earns a silent clock.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a tough question. I also voted for Lynn to be the next major "24" fatality, but Audrey and Kim seem likely possibilities, too. Logan, Tony and Tom are probably safe for now. Here's why:

I've been wondering if Audrey is going to turn out to be part of the plot: remember, she just coincidentally happened to be able to provide the DOD codes to decipher the computer chip Jack got from Nathanson, and Jack having to take out his beloved S4GF would go a long way to validating all that preseason buzz about the "high personal cost" of his latest mission. So would losing Kim, for that matter.

Which brings up the point I and others have already made about Kim only appearing in a handful (two to four) episodes this season. (Again, Joel Surnow told Laura Ingraham she would be in two episodes.) Which means Kim's clock could run out as early as next week. Besides, what's left to do to the character? Tie her to train tracks? Brainwash her? Hey, wait a minute...maybe that's where Tom comes in.

I don't think Tom is going to get whacked, at least as long as Kim survives. He's a relatively minor character at this point, notable only for his relationship to Kim; it wouldn't make a lot of sense for the scriptwriters to introduce him as basically an expendable extra and then kill him off without working him into the storyline somehow. Which is why I'm thinking Tom is also part of the terrorist plot; after all,it wouldn't make sense for the plotters to go after everybody who knew Jack was still alive without at least keeping tabs on Jack's daughter.

And what does Tom do for a living? He's a psychiatrist...who's having an affair with his patient...our girl Kim...and monkeying around with her fragile psyche.

Like I said, brainwashing.
If Kim suddenly goes all Manchurian Candidate at a word from Tom, you saw it here first...

It wouldn't make sense to kill Tony off next week; what would be the point? How would Tony's death now advance the plotline? And Logan is basically a cockroach; killing him would be a grander exit than the character deserves.

Unless he were to bleed out after the First Lady performs a double orchiectomy on him with her fingernails,, that would best be reserved for the season finale. So Logan's safe for now, too...

--LC Wes, Imperial Mohel

Rob said...

Another possibility may be McGill; in a fit of despondency over his responsibility for the deaths of the CTU folks by the centox, Lyn grabs Token's piece and eats a bullet. Right now, his mind is in a very fragile place. He's been robbed, overcome with paranoia, relieved of duty, been informed that his sister is dead, his unreported stolen access card has been used by a terrorist to gain entry and plant the centox...this guy is a ticking time bomb.

Anonymous said...

Gotta be Lynn -- and who the hell voted for Jack? He's already dead (See Season 4) LOL

CGrim said...

I'm worried it might be Curtis.

fmragtops said...

I think Tom Green dies eventually, but I doubt it's the next episode. He has to die for GP. But We're ASSUMING Tom is chopping Kim. We don't KNOW that Tom is chopping Kim. We just know that if we were Kim's shrink, we'd be chopping her. We're also ASSUMING Tom is Kim's shrink. I'm not sure yet why any of that is important, I just recogize that everytime Tom's relationship with Kim is discussed, it's discussed by people that don't know, and prefaced by the words, "I think." My guess is he has something to do with the terrorists.

My pick is OTHER. It's kind of like picking the field to win a golf tournament. Even though Tiger is the best player in the world, chances are someone else will win the tournament. This is the same thing. There are so many people to be killed. Odds are that none of the above is a safe bet.

Unknown said...

OK before I comment I must comment on a comment by LC Wes, Imperial Mohel ..aka anonymous.
Get your own blog, no one wants to read a comment that is 8 paragraphs long...jeeeesh.

I hope its Tom Green, but my guess, its Tony. Tony now has nothing to live for and he's really really pissed. Hes going to take some bad guys with him when he goes too.

SG said...
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SG said...

I hope it's the skeleton with skin, Audrey Raines. She was a meek attempt to provide some eye candy, and should have taken one for the team a long time ago. Too bad Curtis didn't "draw his sidearm", and accidently discharge it taking her out.

NDwalters said...

McGill, it's gonna be McGill.

They won't kill Tony cause he's back from a coma.

They won't kill Tom Green, aka Pony Boy, bc he's with Kim, and must die later to ensure a teary death.

They won't kill Audrey, bc William Devane is supposed to come back sometime this season. Plus they may save Audrey for later.

Buchanan? Nope. Everytime there's a CTU director, they get jailed or offed or sacrifice their lives like Mason. Chiggy Killer will live. They've run through a CTU idiot. Remember Driscoll and then Tony took over?

It's a cycle. Idiot CTU boss, then they die or get fired, replaced by hardass and/or cool person.