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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

24 Fun Facts!

24 Fun Facts!

Hiya folks! A show as intricate as 24 takes the efforts of 100's, nay 1000's of people to pull off.
You even get people to work on 24 related stuff that don't get paid!
I mean, is 30 million too much to ask?

Apparently it is....

Anyway, because there is so much going on in the 24 arena, Blogs 4 Bauer, and me, the Conservative UAW Guy, would like to present these fun facts about 24!
(Like ta hear 'em? Here we go.)

Fun Facts About 24:

1. Jack reads Blogs 4 Bauer. The B4B writers are only alive because Jack has a sense of humor as large as his willingness to use torture on terrorists, commies and hippies to save America.

2. Edgar is not dead, he is simply in a state of suspended animation, brought on by the Centox gas. He can be revived with large quantities of pork. Unlike Ted Kennedy, who can only be revived with large quantities of scotch.

3. Jack shot Miriam Henderson not to get his ex-friend to talk, but because she's a dirty, tree-hugging hippy.

Heh. Jack f***ing rules.

4. Centox was initially discovered by hazmat team in west Los Angeles examining dead bodies in an Indian food restaurant in the spring of 1999. The fact that Michael Moore was there eating at the time cannot be confirmed by this agency.

5. M. Moore says the Centox he releases is not harmful.
The dead disagree....

6. The MooreOn also says there is no terrorist threat.

Again, the dead disagree.
Moore's an asshat.
I think we can all agree there.

7. Kim will most likely die, because being an attractive female on 24 is an almost certain death sentence.

8. Being a cool president doesn't do anything to increase your life-expectancy, either.

9. Being a weasel president, however, apparently makes one immortal.
You can tell the jimmyb doesn't write 24, because if he did, Jack would kill Logan just on GP.

10. Kim would show up more often, too.

11. Mrs. Logan's breasts shielded everyone in the limo from the rocket attack, not armor-plating and bullet-proof glass, as many surmised.

12. I am in danger of being attacked by a rocket.

13. Mrs. Logan is awful busy, being a presidential wife and all, but I think Kim has the wherewithal to protect me, too.

14. Realistically, I am much more likely to die in a spousal-attack, than in a rocket attack, after my wife reads this post.

15. I don't think Kim will stand a chance, either.

16. Blogs 4 Bauer should be your first and only stop for "All Things 24"!!!


Anonymous said...

Shouldn't this be called "16 Fun Facts"?

Dionne said...

Awesome job Jimmyb. I especially liked #'s 6, 8 & 9.

Anonymous said...