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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


An insufferably long, extraordinarily boring summary written by yours truly can be found here. A sample:

Back at CTU, Barry is making no progress with Chloe who is still a basket case. In a move sure to endear him to Porn Star Kimmy, Jack informs the shrink that THERE'S NO TIME for the rather clinical way the Clinical Psychologist is working with Chloe. To prove his point, he applies the Jack Bauer Death Grip to Barry's throat which seems to wake Chloe out of her stupor.

While difficult to ascertain, I believe I saw Kim's eyebrow twitch when Jack was choking her lover which means that Ms. Cuthbert has added a third facial expression to her acting repertoire, the other two being a come hither smile and her famous teenage pout face that she used to such great effect when trying to get Chase to quit CTU in season 3.


Anonymous said...

So here is my question they said that the rooms that had the gas masks and the shots was why didnt the people like lynn who were going to die anyway go there and try to get to the masks?

Buckaroo Banzai said...

Gavi - Good point. They were meat anyway, why not make a play for them?

Oh, am I the only one who hopes Kim Bauer never returns? Maybe Elisha is a terrible actress - perish the thought - or the writers just didn't give a rat's ass about her character anymore, but I have really grown to hate this woman's guts. She has officially passed Audrey in the I-Hope-She-Dies-O-Meter.