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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

B4B Kill Counter Updated

I'm not sure how you say it in Swedish, but Tony finally overdosed. Seeing Tony inject that much junk into his system reminded me of "early Season 4 Tony". In fact, Tony wasn't dead - he was just really, really high. Unfortunately for Tony, Jack Bauer cries acid and his tears finished Tony off.

In other news, John McCain got out of CTU alive only to end up getting killed in a GOP Straw Poll.

The Jack Bauer Kill Counter went up 3 bodies this week. Next week we'll have final body count from the CTU attack. It sounds like the final number will push the Kill Counter into triple digits. Yeah!

RFTR adds: The Man and I happen to disagree on this point - I don't think Tony is actually dead. He's had enough drugs in his system before that kicking whatever he got injected with shouldn't be too much of a problem.

Plus, we didn't get the quiet beeps at the end like we should have if a major character had actually died.

As such, since I'm the web guru around here, while Tony is being counted in the offical Blogs4Bauer Kill Counter™, he will not appear in the banner at the top of this page with a full x until his death is confirmed.

Truffle Shuffle, on the other hand, is up there in full-force. Samwise will not appear, as I thought his character was stupid from the beginning. And stay tuned for a new indicator that will appear on Kim. (Who'd have thought that being a webmaster at Blogs4Bauer could feed your god-complex so steadily?)

The Man adds: Fox's 24 site has a poll asking if Tony's Death was as hard on you as it was on Jack. Fox's 24 site also has Tony's role ending as "Tony dies in Jack's arms." Fox's 24 site ends the recap of the episode with "...Jack clutches Tony's head. Tony dies, and Jack cries with him still in his arms." Tony's profile on Fox's 24 now has the trademark DECEASED logo. It doesn't help that Tony put the only doctor left at CTU in a sleeper hold that he has yet to come out of. Silent clock or no silent clock, full X or half X - Tony's dead.
Is Tony Almeida Dead?

RFTR adds: Your facts don't scare me. You can throw all the evidence at me that you want, but until we have confirmation on the show that Tony is dead, the writers have the option of changing that fact. Hell, we even saw Jack die once when he was on the wrong side of some torture, and he came back.

And so Tony will not be fully X-ed out until we have said confirmation. Apparently it didn't take the first time, so I'll remind you now:

The Man mocks: Denny Crane. Name's on the door.


NDwalters said...

I hate to sound like a downer or even out in Lala land, but if Tony died, wouldn't they have had a silent clock for him? We saw Jack cry, but Tony did not stop moving. Or did he?

Henderson was in a coma and he woke up fine. Tony woke up out of his.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Shall I tell Jack Shepard his Fight Club appointment with Tony is off... or just postponed?

Rule #13.b of B4B Fightclub: If you are not confirmed dead, you still have to fight.

Anonymous said...

damn. The recap on the site also says he died.

NDwalters said...

Well damn, Fox killed him off. Bye Tony. Bye Edgar.

craig said...

I too felt that Tony certainly could not be did, especially without the SILENT ENDING played after EVERY other major characters demise. I think he is definetly dead due to's layering of "deceased" over Almeida's head shot.

Writers, if you're reading this, please bring Tony back. Oh yea, and tell Carlos Bernard that if his character really died he better do something else that's cool, because Haysbert's "The Unit" sucks....